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The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.

Audrey hepburn

I am an entrepreneur, a daughter, and a lover. My life passion is to help women discover the secrets to having all three of life’s essentials: sex, money, and food. I bring my international experience and corporate success together to help other women thrive as a Real World Woman.

I have lived a full life so far, and know that real women are nothing like the glitz and glamour displayed on the red carpet and in the media. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t deserve the same quality of life they enjoy. How do Real World Women discover success with sex, money, and food? I have made it my life goal to find out. Between my podcasts where industry experts and I share the inside scoop and my store where I bring beauty to women, I hope to spread happiness and success to women worldwide.

With a background in residential real estate, residential mortgages and experience working in the heart of the fashion industry—Madison Avenue—I have spent years cultivating the insider insight that I bring to you through my podcast. My passion to help you live your best life will come through the second you set foot in it.


Giving Back

It is a gift to give. Giving back is something that has been a part of me since I was a child. Over the years, I have been involved in a number of charities, from local beach cleanups to becoming a sustainer in the Junior League.

In 2012, I had the privilege to start a non-profit called Gaylord-Hansen Shoes. I was the Marketing Director for the Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team, the top producing mortgage team in the country for Caliber Home Loans. They have a huge heart and a passion for supporting the local community.

In San Diego County there are 16,000 homeless kids. 16,000! Upon doing research, I learned that within San Diego county the San Diego Unified School District has 6,000 kids that are homeless or in transition and in need of the simple necessities such as a basic pair of shoes. Thus came the idea to give back and put a brand new pair of shoes on kids in need!

Everybody loves getting a brand new pair of shoes! Kids especially, as they believe they can run faster and jump higher. To give back to the local community, we decided to donate $30 to the charity for every home loan we closed. Each kid gets a pair of new Converse, a t-shirt, and 2 pairs of socks! Since 2012 Gaylord-Hansen Shoes has put over 1,500 new pairs of converse shoes and 10,000 pairs of used shoes on kids in San Diego!

Starting a non-profit has been incredibly rewarding and an extremely educational experience. However, the best part is watching the event come to life. It is an unbelievable feeling to see the kids so grateful for something as simple as a new pair of shoes. It’s priceless and truly fills me with joy.

Some kids come from single parents who are working multiple jobs, others have parents who are in jail or are suffering from addiction. Several kids are immigrants and have parents who work multiple jobs just to put food on the table. For most of the kids they have never had a pair of their own shoes. Many kids have only had hand-me-downs and are walking around in shoes that are too big or too small. Other kids can only attend school every other day because they share with their brothers and sisters.

For the big event we bring in over 1,000 pairs of brand new converse, t-shirts and socks. We arrive at the school the night before with a moving truck to transport all of the goods. The cafeteria is set up and it looks just like Christmas Day! The day of the event the kids get to come in to class, get a new t-shirt and pick out a pair of shoes of his or her choice. It is so unbelievable to watch the emotions go from smiles, to shock, to giggles and just pure joy!

At our first Gaylord-Hansen Shoe event back in 2012, I met a boy who came up to me and told me, “today is my lucky day.”  He was having a great time and picked out a really cool pair of topsiders. I asked him, “why is today your lucky day?” He responded saying, “today is my 15th birthday and I have never had a brand new pair of shoes.”

I invite you to look at your community and see where or how you can give back. It could be volunteering at your local library or homeless shelter, or maybe you will organize a cleanup! Perhaps you create a non-profit of your own, but regardless, I hope you get involved!

If you would like to participate and help put shoes on San Diego Kids in need I welcome your support. Click here to learn more about Gaylord-Hansen Shoes and donate $30.

Remember…their is no greater feeling than making someone smile!