The do’s and don'ts of the summer classic...white jeans

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White jeans are a summer classic. When I think of white jeans a picture of Jackie Kennedy in Hyannisport playing with her kids in the sand comes to mind. But let’s get real...we are not all Jackie Kennedy, and let’s face it white jeans can be just as terrifying as that little polka dot bikini. They can be too tight or too transparent or a combination of the two. There is not a lot of wiggle room to hide our flaws. The white jean is always in style for the summer but we know we have seen some white jean mishaps. Here are 6 dos to keep you styling this summer and off the don’t list!

  • Memorial day to Labor Day - This is a silly rule. I say if you are in the mood and it is a warm day in September then wear white jeans. With that being said if it is in the middle of a northeastern storm don't even think about it.
  • Wear nude panties...don’t do the neon hot pink. Enough said.
  • Do buy the right size. We all have been an offender of wearing a pair of jeans that are a size too small. With white jeans there is no wiggle room to hide our muffin tops. If you are in-between sizes (as I am) go up a size. You will feel better and your confidence will shine through. A suggestion is to look for stretchy jeans.
  • Don’t even think of wearing them on your heavy period day. Even with a diva cup! Just skip it and go with regular denim. No need for the embarrassment...and yes I know we have all been there. Don’t repeat it this summer.
  • Skip the white on white. It is hard to match the whites and it is just a hard look to pull off. Instead go with a floral or a denim top. Pair it with this lightweight jersey tee
  • Don’t sing in the rain wearing white jeans.  When monsoon season hits put your white jeans away. You don’t want to get them dirty or worse… I see london, I see france, I see….

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Light Weight Jersey Tee



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