[vc_row full_width="" parallax="" parallax_image="" container_class="" color_overlay="" section_custom_id=""]Nailed It! Having manicured nails have become a staple for women. We feel feminine, put together and sexy. Nails have definitely had different styles from Flo Jo’s red, white and blue manicure, really long nails to short nails. Now we are moving towards nail art. Having wild and crazy nails are now becoming the trend and I have to say they are pretty unbelievable. Having manicured nails with nail art is even becoming acceptable in the workplace. I would like to add a little disclosure and say that I still believe if you are going in for an interview you should have a clean nail with a nude tone or French manicure. Anyway, back to this new nail movement.

I am lucky to have been a guest at the Paintbox Studio in New York City. Let me tell you, it was the ultimate experience. I arrived to the Soho based studio and immediately could feel the hip, feminine and sexy vibe. The studio has great music playing, you are greeted with a glass of bubbly and you feel like you are sitting in your best friends NYC apartment. While you are waiting for your appointment you browse through a catalog of the current season's nail designs. I of course wanted all of the designs but settled on my favorite... the foil wrapped nails called, Heat Index. The entire process from removing my old gel polish to applying my fresh polish was very delicate and the customer service was so detailed. When my fingers were all wrapped up to remove the old gel, PaintBox had phone pens from me to use so I could still be online and working. How cool is that! I loved watching how thorough my manicurist was when she applied my many layers of polish and then the foil to complete my Heat Index nail. I am beyond happy with how my perfectly manicured nails look and feel, and I have to say they are quite the conversation starter!

Ladies, if you are in NYC you absolutely have to experience this nail pampering for yourself. Click here to book your Paintbox Studio nail experience. I encourage you to follow them on social media. You can get so many great ideas for your nails and see what is popular and trending in the nail world.


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