12 Musts before Labor Day

  1. Watch fireworks one more time. I know we have passed the 4th of July. That does not mean we are done with watching fireworks for the season.
  2. Get your grill on with a mouthwatering burger. Grilling is personally my favorite way to prepare a meal and what better time of year than summer? Add summer vegetables or even basil butter to your burger for a summery spin to your favorite dish.
  3. Pack a picnic ­ Instead of your usual date night at a local restaurant, take your lover for a picnic.  Pack your favorite bottle of wine, some cheese, and pick up a pizza for a night of indulgence.
  4. Farmers Market Summer Vegetables. This is by far the best time of the year to shop at your local farmers market. There are so many yummies in season, such as heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, and fresh strawberries.
  5. Make your favorite cocktail ­ Summer nights are long and hot, so why not sip on your favorite libation? Try homemade concoctions from sangria, spicy margaritas, or an east coast tradition like the dark and stormy.
  6. Bug spray ­ There is nothing worse than being eaten alive by nasty pests. Make your own bug spray and keep it in your beach bag.
  7. Sunscreen ­ I know you are wearing sunscreen but are you replenishing after 2 hours? Watch out for the rays and replenish your sunscreen regularly throughout the day.
  8. Basil Butter ­ Add a little basil to your butter for your corn on the cob. This is a long­time summer favorite at my house. It adds such a refreshing and summery taste to your everyday meals.
  9. Starry Starry Night ­ Add some Van Gogh twinkle to your outdoors. White LED lights add to the summer starry night and add some ambiance to your outdoor entertaining. Order your Twinkle lights
  10. Indulgence ­ Make a cobbler and whip up your own homemade whip cream. Pick your favorite berry or do an old fashioned peach cobbler. A cobbler is a summer must­have, but don’t forget to add a dollop of whipped cream for the ultimate bite!
  11. Summer Camp ­ Tie­dye something and pull your inner kid out. Add some DIY to your girls weekend and tie­dye your old summer dress.
  12. Fly our flag ­ I love seeing the red, white, and blue throughout the summer. Just because the 4th of July has passed does not mean you need to put our flag away. Celebrate our country's freedom this summer and fly our flag!


Rosemary Harbushka

Alexandra, your Dad and I are viewing this first launch from Cancun. We are beyond thrilled for you, happy, and proud, Go for it Real World Woman!
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Alexandra Harbushka

Thank you Mom and Dad! I am glad you are viewing from Cancun! Thank you for your support and I would not have been able to do it without you. Love you xoxo
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