The Carry on Essentials…

The Carry on Essentials…


Planning your next trip? There are the pros and cons when it comes to checking your luggage or carrying on. For this trip I opted with checking my luggage so I had to come up with some essentials in case it did not make it when I landed in Costa Rica. I can not think of a worst situation…at the beach with no bikini! Yikes!


Here are my essentials for the carry on:

  1. Passport - Clearly I would not be getting too far!
  2. Foot Booties - Yes, booties for your feet. Think of the thousands of people who walk through the TSA security a day in their bare feet! It gives me the hibijibis. Slip these on and scoot through TSA hibijibi free.
  3. My laptop - I can not live without my MacBook Pro. This is the epicenter to my podcast and my website. And now with the wifi onboard I don’t need to miss out on a work day.
  4. Chapstick - It is easy to forget this essential. But airplanes are so dry and after an hour my lips get chapped. Keep your chapstick close by.
  5. Chewing Gum - Gum makes me smile. After sitting on a flight (especially from coast to coast) we need something to brighten up our breath. Also, gum can help with preventing your ears from blocking or help you pop them.
  6. Hair Brush - It will feel nice to brush through your hair after sitting for a couple of hours.
  7. Noise Canceling Headphones - So the obvious with headphones, you can listen to the Real World Woman…Sex, Money & Food podcast or your audible book for the #RealWorldWoman Bookclub. But here is what is really cool…they are noise canceling!!! Even if you are not listing to your beats or podcast you can turn them on and cancel out all of the extra decibels the inflight plane is making. Your ears will thank you.
  8. Sleep Mask - These are great to help you get some shuteye and feel refreshed when you land on the tarmac.
  9. Perfume - Ladies perfume helps us feel feminine. A quick spray and you are ready to go wherever you land
  10. My itsy bitsy bikini - On this trip to Costa Rica I do not want to miss out on any opportunity to put my toes in the sand and enjoy the ocean breeze in my face.


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