Girls Night...on a budget


We have all been there and I am sure we all find ourselves there from time to time. It is when we look at our checking account and see that our paycheck is being whisked away faster than we can earn it. We are independent women who have rent, a car payment, utilities, cell phone, health insurance, a 401K and we need a Girls Night.  Here are some great ideas for you and your girl friends to try this weekend. I promise it will be fun and it will keep you on track financially.  

  1. Host a wine party. Yep that is right turn your living room into a wine bar. Time flies and all of a sudden it has been a couple of weeks since you last saw your BFFs. Make it fun and creative. Don't just call your girlfriends. Put together a fun invitation and send it. Have your girl friends bring a bottle of wine. You provide some cheese, olives and hummus. To keep track of the wine glasses I love these wine markers for only $9.14.
  2. Buy a groupon for something in your city that you have never done
  3. Meet up after work and get your blood pumping. Put together a weekly walking group with your girl friends. Each week a different girl friend picks the place and the path. You get your endorphins going, burn calories and it is 100% free!
  4. Have an old fashioned movie night like you are in the 6th grade.  Invite your girls over for fresh  popcorn, pickup up some candy and . Use Amazon Video  to stream your movies...PS….it is free for Amazon Prime members.
  5. Split a burger. Get dressed up, put your favorite stilettos on and go to your favorite restaurant and split it. This way you and your BFF get to go out, spend time together and you can enjoy a mouthwatering burger with half the price.


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