Steps to keeping your office organized so you stay on track

  1. Keep a notebook on your desk - Write ideas down as they come. Entrepreneurs are always taking notes down and referring back to their notes for that brilliant idea. Kate Spade Notebook $18.00
  2. Sync your calendar with your smartphone - Get technical and start using your electronic calendar. It will save you time and space when you are on the go
  3. Keep fresh flowers on your desk - Flowers always brighten the day, increase productivity, create creativity and best of all help keep you stress free. Order flowers on a weekly basis to save time. 12 Fresh Cut Orange Roses with Vase $14.99
  4. Stay focused on one task at a time - In today's era we are trained to multitask however our brains can not fully focus when multitasking so our production actually goes way down. Multitasking bottlenecks our brain requiring us to take some time to refocus. Not to mention this increases our chances of creating more errors. Eek! Use your smartphone and set the timer for your task. If you think your task will take 30 minutes to complete try setting the timer for 20 minutes. Most likely you will complete it within the timeframe and then you can check it off and move to the next thing.
  5. Use your space wisely - Keep organized throughout the day. When you are finished working on one project put the stuff away and pull out the new supplies for your next project. I am guilty of having a messy desk so this is a personal goal of mine.
  6. Pick fun desk supplies - It is not personal or feminine when your office looks like you are using high school school supplies. You know the look... ugly stapler, boring paperclips and plain manila folders.  Pick desk supplies that represents you.    Russell + Hazel Acrylic Gold Stapler $19.89 Russell + Hazel Acrylic Tape Dispenser $20.49   Kate Spade Gold Stripe Folders $16.00 
  7. Personalized stationery - Thank you cards are a must whether you are sending a personal thank you or a business thank you. Use stationary that has your name or initials on it to make it more personal and just plain you.
  8. Keep your favorite photo on your desk - Looking at a photo of a wonderful memory or the person you love will help keep you motivated and feeling loved.
  9. Stay hydrated and fuel yourself with nutrition - Water makes up about 60% of our body and every system in our body needs water to function.  We also need nutrients so we can boost energy support immune health, keep our minds sharp, support digestive health and alkalize the body. Daily Lift is a Superfood Supplement
Russell + Hazel Acrylic Gold Stapler $19.89

12 Fresh Cut Orange Roses with Vase $14.99

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.42.21 PM Daily Lift Superfood Supplement

Kate Spade Gold Stripe Folders $16.00

Russell + Hazel Acrylic Tape Dispenser $20.49

Kate Spade Notebook $18.00


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