Planning a bachelorette party?


Thank goodness we are not still back in the olden days were women did not have the opportunity to celebrate kissing the Miss. goodbye.  Traditionally men would have a bachelor party where they would go out and seize the night as their last single night. Now bachelorettes get to look forward to a  weekend getaway or a night on the town with her closest girl friends. Do you need some suggestions? Keep reading…  

  1. The Hostess: Typically the Maid or Matron of Honor is responsible for planning the weekend, however, this is not set in stone. The friend or relative who is closest to the bride and can manage the organization and plan the event. I recommend having one bestie takes ownership otherwise, there can be too many cooks in the kitchen if you know what I mean.
  2. The Guest List: The bride is going to want her besties there so have her provide a list. Look at the number of girls and base it on the location. For example, you might need an even number because of sleeping arrangements.  Something to think about is the guests at the bachelorette don't necessarily need to be in the wedding party. A bride may only have a maid of honor or may choose to only have family in the bridal party.
  3. The Price Tag: When planning a bachelorette party typically the guests pay for the bride. Perhaps you ask the guests what a good budget is for the weekend or the party. There is no need to have guests feel like they need to pull out of their savings and step up to something they can not afford.
  4. The Date: A huge no-no date is the night before the wedding. The bride does not need a hungover and most likely everyone will need a good night's sleep. Pick a date that is, at least, a week before the wedding. If you pick the weekend before you need to make sure you have a very calm and detailed bridezillas.
  5. The Event: The besties should know the bride well enough to know if she wants a girly night or a wild night. Go with one theme or the other. If the bride wants male strippers and being dragged from bar to bar then don’t plan a sophisticated five-course dinner and onto a low-key club that features a piano player. The idea is to plan the night that suits the bride, memories are made and the laughs are endless.
  6. Invitations: The Hostess should put together an itinerary for the besties. She can lay it out on in an invitation whether it is an evite, an email or a printed invitation. A key point to include is dress code so the bachelorette party can know what to wear.
  7. Gifts: Bachelorette Parties are not typically a gift giving parties unlike the bridal showers or the wedding. The Bachelorette Party is the perfect opportunity for silly gifts, sexy gifts or silly games. This is the time to bring out the sexy lingerie that you would have been too embarrassed to open in front of your future mother in law or your grandmother. A fun game is to have the guests all bring a pair of panties to the party and use them as decoration. Have the bride guess who brought what pair. The idea is to make the bride blush and have fun with her besties so pick out the sexiest pair.
  8. Freeze Frame: You absolutely need to document the night. There will be giggles, blushing and priceless moments that the bride will want to remember. Create a shared drive whether it is in a google doc or an apple photo share.


Andrea Naversen

Hi Alexandra! So happy for your success! I would just suggest, given your long hours contributing to The Country Friends and other non-profits, that you add philanthropy to your list of life's essentials. Oh, and did we mention, fashion???!!! Warm Regards, Andrea
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Alexandra Harbushka

THank you Andrea! So special to have you comment on my website. I am enjoying collaborating with you and the Country Friends. 2016 is a big year already! Cheers!
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