Don't Hug Your Dog ?

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news{and I am just as upset about this research as you are}.  According to this article on MSN, scientists say that it is not a good idea to hug your dog. WHAT….???


I was shocked as much as you are to learn that man's best friend aka our dogs show signs of anxiety and even discomfort when being hugged. Now I know the next thing you are thinking, my dog is different and loves when I hug her. Well, that may be the case and I believe it is the case for my standard poodle, Ruby Rose, but according to the research, only 7.6% of dogs displayed being comfortable when hugged.


Here are some other ways to connect with your k9  #bff instead of a hug:

  1. Spend some time with your pup: Just like it is important to spend time with our family and friends it is equally as important to spend time with your pups. Relationships grow with experiences and quality time together. Take your pup for a walk or a swim. Maybe even go looking for #squirrels ?
  2. Take your dog to puppy school: Training may sound like more controlling but it is just the opposite. A well-trained dog will actually get to spend more time with you and your family. You can take your dog to brunch and even shopping malls if he or she is well trained. This will also allow you to spend more time with you dog {tip # 1}.
  3. Play with you dog: Toss a ball or a frisbee and let your dog enjoy the running around. If that is her thing {it is not Ruby Rose’s} then get down on the floor with her and play with her favorite squeaky toy.
  4. Touch your dog: This sounds obvious but physical touch actually has so many healing powers in both dogs and humans. We love our dogs as humans so being with them improves the quality of both lives. Physical contact reduces both of our heart rates, the stress hormone cortisol and increased the anti-stress hormone oxytocin. It is a win-win!

Like I said earlier, I am sorry to let you know about the hugs but there are some more ways to show your almost human dog that you love her.


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