Love, Be Love and Receive Love ?


At first, when I hear love yourself it sounds so simple.  Some sayings that popped into my head are; stay positive, always look on the bright side, there is always good news. But let's be honest, in the real world ?, there are times when negative thoughts can take over and put us in a tailspin. With all of the social media ?, instant gratification and reality tv shows ? being broadcasted and displaying perfection it can begin to give us a jaded view of our lives.  I believe transparency is a huge part of self-love. It is very hard for me to admit this but, there are times when I look at celebrities on social media and I will compare my body, my life, my finances, my podcast and my business {I am sure there are more things but these are the top}. The next thing that happens is I become hard on myself, telling myself I should have turned my arm a certain way so that it does not look chubby in my last Instagram post or I am not smart enough to have the #1 podcast. The list can go on and on once I let that destructive mindset take over. When we are in this mindset we are only fighting against our self, beating ourselves up and at the end of the day nobody wins.   Now, I am not writing this post and have a pity party, nor am I a negative nelly. All I am trying to say is I am a #realworldwoman ?.  With that being said, I have learned how to stay positive, but it requires a constant reminder to love myself, so I consciously do not let a silly Instagram post put me in a bad mood, and I embrace where I am today. Here are a few reasons to keep your eye? on the prize of Loving Yourself?:  

  1. Self-Love attracts more Love ?- This is science and it is attracts like. If you begin to go throughout your day with focusing on love and being love, then it is 100% guaranteed that you will receive love back.
  2. Self-Love helps you take care of your health - This can mean anything from deciding to go for a walk ?when you get home from your busy day to changing your eating ? habits and even removing toxic people from your life. When you are fueling your body with nutritious food, moving your body and surrounding yourself with people, who are positive you will begin to see healthy results.
  3. You begin to appreciate vs. resent - When we lead with resentment, fear, and bitterness, envy starts to take over which leave us operating mentally from a negative space. With self-love, we can begin to appreciate what comes our way rather than look at the negative?.
  4. Self-Love gives you motivation and inner strength ?- When we shift the mindset from what we can not do and begin to see what is possible then we can accomplish more. Focusing on the "I don’t have", or" I can’t" only feeds the negativity and will 100% prevent us from achieving what we are capable of and what we desire.  
  5. With Self-Love, you will begin to tolerate poor behavior no longer - This becomes more of a self-love protection. Misery loves company and if you are operating from a loving mindset you will being to have the confidence to acknowledge others who are not. You will begin to see when people are motivated for selfish reasons or the right reason?.

All in all, self-love allows you to improve your overall self-image. A shift from thinking I need to lose some lbs to look a certain way will disappear, and you will begin to grow with inner self-confidence. This also means you will not beat yourself up if you eat a cookie?.  More importantly, self-love will allow you to take leaps of faith you may have never imagined and make your dreams come true.  

So remember to Love, Be Love and Receive Love


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You go girl! I'm sorry so many people are RUDE and mifisnormed! I'm preggo with #5, who will be breastfed like the rest. I NIP with confidence, with and without covers. My children have a right to be fed when they need it, wherever we happen to be - and so does yours!I lost a child to SIDS nearly 4 years ago, you let that baby eat and breathe in full sight! Nothing is worth a child's life :)(OK - I'll get off my soap box now - this just struck a nerve with this momma!)
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