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Establishing yourself as an Authority in your Marketplace

You have asked for it and I am listening!!!

On Tuesday, May 31st @ 12:00 pm Pacific time {3:00 pm Eastern & 8:00 pm European} I will be doing a webinar!

On establishing yourself as an authority in your Marketplace, by becoming a Badass Podcaster.

This is a complementary content rich webinar; you will learn how to:

  • Why you should choose to Podcast as your primary marketing source.
  • How to determine your topic.
  • What format is best for establishing your spot in the marketplace

And MUCH much more…

Simply enter your information below to reserve your spot.




Please spread the word about the podcast training and tell your friends, family, and people who you know would benefit from this class.


You never know how much of a difference that can make in someone’s life.





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Alexandra Harbushka
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I am an entrepreneur, a daughter, and a lover. My life passion is to help women discover the secrets to having all three of life’s essentials: sex, money, and food. I bring my international experience and corporate success together to help other women thrive as a Real World Woman.

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