Expand Your Self Love and Experience Passion

A 5-Day Challenge To Love Yourself

IMG_7969.jpgWhy is it that some women move through life with courageous confidencesecure and connected while other women are trapped in self doubt?


Why do others create a nourishing life filled with passionbalance and ease?


How is it that people are like magnets to the things they desire when it comes to finding the love of their life, or having financial abundance or creating a healthy body without dieting?

It has everything to do with how you feel and how you value yourself.

So how do we, as modern women, feel fully embodied in self-love? The Sex, Money and Food Podcast HostAlexandra Harbushka, has a 5 day self-love challenge workshop that takes you there...

What to expect...

Over the 5 days, you will begin to expand your awareness, intuition, and your self-confidence. Alexandra will dive into your relationships with Sex, Money, and Food as well as making space in your life for abundance to grow.  And don’t worry, there are some tools to help you start creating change. Starting the day after you register you will receive daily videos, inspiring emails, and downloads to help you begin to reconnect with you. This is a challenge you can do at your own pace from the comfort of your own computer, iPad or phone. All you need is the internet, your beverage of choice and someplace where you can connect and take notes.

With this one and only 5 Day Challenge, you will Expand Your Self Love and begin to Experience Passion throughout your day. You will learn how to move through life with confidence when it comes to your finances, your relationship with food and your self-worth.

“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.”

- Alexandra Harbushka

Because I want as many women as possible to become unleashed from their self-doubt and begin to see their self-worth‚ I wanted to create a price point that would fit with most budgets. Therefore‚ the price of the 5-Day Self Love Challenge is just $19.97. Investing in yourself is the first step to achieving your dreams and besides $19.97 is less than 5 venti Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks.  So wouldn't you rather do this over the next 5 days?


I am ready to join the 5 Day Journey to Self Love for $19.97


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Meet Alexandra Harbushka...

She is on a mission to help women understand life's real world essentials.  Alexandra Harbushka is the host of a top ranking podcast in iTunes called, Sex, Money and Food, a speaker an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Recognizing that there is a need in today's society to encourage and help women understand the basic essentials in life. She sums up life's essentials into three categories; Sex, Money and Food. There really is little education out there to help women have healthy relationships with life especially with the three categories.  Her goal is to help women move through life with courageous confidence, become secure and know she is connected.  Alexandra is able to provide the expertise and advice to help others grow and liberate your life.

“There is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence.” - Alexandra Harbushka


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