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Alexandra Harbushka By
Nailed It! Having manicured nails have become a staple for women. We feel feminine, put together and sexy. Nails have definitely had different styles from Flo Jo’s red, white and blue manicure, really long nails to short nails. Now we are moving towards nail art...
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Alexandra Harbushka By
White jeans are a summer classic. When I think of white jeans a picture of Jackie Kennedy in Hyannisport playing with her kids in the sand comes to mind. But let’s get real...we are not all Jackie Kennedy, and let’s face it white jeans can be just as terrifying as that little polka dot bikini. They can be too tight or too transparent or a combination of the two. There is not a lot of wiggle room to hide our flaws. The white jean is always in style for the summer, but we know we have seen some white jean mishaps. Here are 6 do's to keep you styling this summer and off the don’t list!
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