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On this episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money & Food podcast, I’m chatting with Brooke Berlin. Brooke is the founder of Karoo Collection, a line of authentic ostrich leather goods sourced from South Africa. Brooke joins us to share how she combined her love of fashion and traveling with her passion for helping others to build an international business that is making a difference in developing nations.   Karoo Collection brings South African style to the US, while implementing positive changes within the developing community of Karoo. Brooke explains her love of African culture, the importance of having a focused business, and how she is helping real women in South Africa on episode 004 of the Real World Woman Podcast.   More About This Show   Brooke was raised in an intentional living community in New York, where she was first exposed to other cultures. The community often hosted individuals from other communes across the globe. From a young age, Brooke experienced different languages, other types of clothing, food, and music.   In college, Brooke took her first […]

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As a master and student of yoga, Ashton Szabo lives a balanced lifestyle. As a young child, he practiced martial arts and discovered his passion for yoga, and found a connection with his practice that has lasted a lifetime. However, he thought of yoga as a method of stretching and preventing injury, and didn’t become immersed in the philosophical side until later in life.   Ashton felt compelled to change his life, so he sold most of belongings and moved to Asia. He felt, after moving to Asia, that his experiences were life-affirming and aided in his teaching abilities. In this episode of the Real World Woman: Sex, Money & Food Podcast, you’ll learn what keeps Ashton centered and focused on his practice, his diet advice, and what he deems to be the most important things in life.     Ashton’s strives to become better by continuing his journey daily. He doesn’t have a typical day, and having a daughter has altered his life drastically! She orients him to a daily routine and keeps him grounded.   Living in Asia […]

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  Sometimes we don’t see how all the pieces of the puzzle of our life fit together, not until we’ve gathered all of those pieces.   On this episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money & Food Podcast Sami Longo-Dissie shares how the various puzzle pieces of her life came together and helped her gain the wisdom and experience she utilizes today to be a successful educator, counselor and businesswoman.   Sami is the founder of Samadhi Research and has lived many lives in the last few decades! She’s been a funeral director, a healer, a minister and a graduate student.   Today she shares with us two of the most important things she learned early on in her life, why she wouldn’t be able to do what she does today without her kaleidoscope background and why she never stops learning.   More About This Show   When Sami was finished with her undergraduate work she knew she was going on to graduate school, but she wanted to find a job in the meantime. It was tough going, and […]

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Welcome to episode number 0 of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money & Food Podcast! I’m so glad you’ve joined us, thank you for being here.   On our inaugural edition of the show I’m sharing with you my vision for the podcast, why I created it and my background so you know who you’re listening to every time you tune in.   I’ll be publishing this show three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The episodes will typically be 30-45 minutes in length, perfect to listen while you exercise or drive to work!   More About This Show   You might be wondering why I chose to include sex, food and money in the title of this show. It’s simple really: I believe those are the 3 essentials needed for a good life. You need sex, money & food to sustain life and I want to talk about all three with you.   I picked the other half of the name, The Real World Woman, because there aren’t nearly enough positive, real women spotlighted today. There aren’t a lot of […]

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