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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast Using your gifts and wisdom with Rebecca Massoud… Have you ever not listened to your instincts, and regretted it later? Almost all of us have and our guest for this show, Rebecca Massoud, is no exception. Rebecca is the founder of Shine, as well as a wife, mother and an award-winning business success coach and marketing mentor. On this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast, Rebecca joins us to talk about the ways we can tap into our inner wisdom, how her own intuitive wisdom has sustained her through many challenges and a few secrets to thriving in the business world all women can use!   More About This Show When Rebecca was in her 20s she went through an awakening of sorts, which she describes in full on this episode. She shares how she followed her intuition from living in Dallas to a completely new life in northern California. Although the first year and a half was difficult that experience helped her grow and thrive in new […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast Getting What you want with Cynthia Trevino… If you want to get that next promotion or start your own business today’s guest has words of wisdom for you! Cynthia Trevino helps employees and entrepreneurs – especially women – get what they want out of their jobs, businesses and finances. On this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast, Cynthia and I talk about what she specifically recommends when starting over, why she became a vegetarian and how she met her soulmate in her 40s.   More About This Show Cynthia is a speaker, an author and a small business marketing expert and trainer. In 2001, after working in the corporate sector, she co-founded Resonnect. She is also a contributor to the  book, The Rock Star Success Stories. She’s also a firm believer that we as women can indeed have it all, from our soul mates (she met hers in her 40s) to our careers to our health and happiness. We cover a gamut of topics today but one I […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast   Revolutionizing your life with Lynn Rose… If you’ve ever felt yourself putting up walls or blocking yourself from going after something you really wanted, today’s guest will inspire and inform you to change that experience! On this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast, Lynn Rose joins us to talk about transforming an experience no matter how you are feeling about it, why our greatest challenges often become our greatest messages, as well as a personal example of how she opened up and dropped her own walls. More About This Show Lynn Rose has been called “The Voice of Transformation”. She has an entertainment background and has been a TV host, a singer, and a Broadway performer. Today she is recognized as an international speaker, a motivation and media strategist who has shared the stage with everyone from Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, and Jay Leno to Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins. Using what she calls The WOW Factor, she’s helped billionaire CEOs, celebrities, and professionals alike to transform […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast Taking your financial inventory… Do you ever feel like money owns you, rather than you owning it? Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed by the thought of saving and haven’t a clue where to get started. If that’s the case you’ll love today’s guest and our conversation! On this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast, I’m joined by Chella Diaz. Chella is a money management guru with a practical approach you’ll love and embrace. She’s on a mission to empower others and their relationship with money. She wants you to be the boss of your money – tune in today to find out how! More About This Show From an early age Chella Diaz has been fascinated by money, and spent over 20 years in the banking and financial industries. She saw firsthand how little information most people have around money management, and she also saw the different habits the wealthy have from those who live paycheck to paycheck. Today we dive into all of those areas, and more! […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast   Healthy Eating During The Holidays, With Carly Pollack   Believe it or not the holiday season is upon us again! While the holidays can mean loved ones, laughter and memories, they can also mean overeating, indulgent drinking and a complete abandonment of our healthy routines. To help alleviate that, I’ve brought back one of our most popular guests: Carly Pollack. Carly is a certified holistic nutritionist, life coach and founder of Nutrition Wisdom. On her earlier appearances, she shared about her battle with binge eating and how she overcame it once and for all. On today’s show, we’re talking about her suggestions for enjoying the holidays without gaining weight and without losing your mind in the process! She has some uncommon and refreshing tips on how to stay sane, stay focused and still have fun so listen in to hear them!   More About This Show With her Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition and status as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and life coach, Carly has plenty of tools and […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast   Getting out of her own way to hosting the Business Building Rockstar Show…   If someone interviewed over 150 of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners what wisdom would they learn? You’re about to find out on today’s fun and informative episode.   Our guest, Nicole Holland is the host of her own podcast and has interviewed more than 150 of the most successful people in the business world in that role.   On today’s show, she shares what she’s learned from them and from her own experiences. Nicole and I chat about a recent lesson she learned about her own choices that led down a rabbit hole, what The Impostor Syndrome is and how to overcome it. You’ll hear that and more on this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast! More About This Show   As host of the podcast, The Business Building Rockstars Show, Nicole is on a mission to help experts grow their audience, their impact, and their influence quickly and easily by […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast   Learning to share your brilliant gifts with freedom…   For a long time, we’ve known about IQ or intelligence quotient, and it’s always been associated with how smart a person is. But recently emotional intelligence (EQ) is gaining importance in the workforce and in our everyday lives.   On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, Mel Burt-Gracik joins us to explain what EQ is, why it’s something that can be increased as well as the role it plays in helping us let go of the “heavy deficit” so many of us are carrying around. More About This Show   When Mel Burt-Gracik was in her mid-30s, she was living a beautiful life by all accounts, but internally she felt like she was running on empty. She felt burnt out and realized she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life when she grew up – not a feeling she expected to have at that point in her life.   With courage and conviction, Mel dove […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast Merging sexuality with spirituality….   For many of us, sex is an experience we go into with the end goal in mind: orgasm. In our haste to achieve that goal, women often don’t reach full arousal, and both men and women miss out on the other accompanying sensations available during an intimate union.   On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, Elise Carr is here to bring awareness to the potential that is there when we are present during every moment of our lovemaking. She also shares how women can tap into their yoni power better and why it’s critical to love yourself first, then the Divine before moving into a partnership with another person.   More About This Show Elise Carr has learned about the power of the yoni and sacred union through personal experience. Today she is the trailblazer behind StellaMuse. And as a sacred spirituality and sexuality director, mentor, coach, writer, speaker, and Tantra practitioner, she is called the “Pioneer of Yoni Power.”   […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast Belly Dancing and the exploration of self love through a mystical dance…   Many of us are so disconnected from our bodies in today’s culture – but dance is a sure way to get back in touch with our physicality. Our guest for this episode knows exactly how powerful dance is, especially belly dancing! Nadirah Bray is the founder of the Goddess In Motion Institute and San Diego Belly Dancers.   On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, Nadirah joins us to talk about how dance helped her heal and why she shares that message with other cancer survivors, and women of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences.   More About This Show   Nadirah first discovered belly dancing when she was six years old. She saw beautiful women of all ages and sizes performing at the Del Mar County Fair in San Diego. Fast forward a few years to her wedding; her husband’s cousin asked if she could perform a belly dance routine for them as a […]

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher The individualistic art therapist shares the truth about your intuition…     Have you ever considered your doodles and stick figures say more about you and your life than you might think? Our guest today, Rebecca Wilkinson, is an art therapist and artist who helps people see themselves and each other more clearly through the art they make.   On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, Rebecca joins us to talk about the therapeutic benefits of art and how we can use art therapy to tap into previously unseen and unacknowledged parts of ourselves. We cover that and much more on today’s edition of the show!   More About This Show   Rebecca Wilkinson has been an artist for 40 years, and a licensed and certified art therapist for 25 of those years. Through her therapy work, she teaches people how to experience the most happiness possible. She is also the managing partner of Creative Wellbeing Workshops, and currently working on a book with her business partner.   Though there are many benefits […]

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