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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast   If you’ve ever been let go from your job, or even worried about being let go, you know the importance of taking control of your money. Our guest for today’s show has learned firsthand why it’s so crucial to know your financial options and create your own financial future.   On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, Laurie Itkin (aka The Options Lady) is here to talk about how $1600 of inheritance money helped her create financial security for herself and later a business that helps women do the same. More About This Show   Laurie Itkin is a financial advisor for a San Diego firm and is also the founder and CEO of The Options Lady. She authored the Amazon best-seller, Every Woman Should Know Her Options: Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment and became a millionaire before the age of 40.   That journey to millionaire status began in her early 20s. She had gone to an Ivy League school and graduated in 1990, during which the economy […]

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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast The Soul of Money, With Ken Foster   Have you ever wondered why some people never struggle with money, and others always do? It boils down to mindset according to our guest for this episode, Ken Foster.   Ken is a best-selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur who has started and grown multiple businesses and a non-profit called Stars of Courage. For over two decades, he has worked with entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses, their wealth and their personal fulfillment.   On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, he brings that wisdom to you! Today he joins us to talk about the mindset of money and wealth, how to shift yours and how to start your day in the most amazing way.   More About This Show   If you’ve ever been anxious or fearful around money, have you ever examined the thoughts and beliefs that come up, or listened to what your mind is telling you? The thoughts, beliefs and conversations are often fearful, worrisome and focused on […]

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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast   Turning a seemingly negative situation into a positive one is a definite skill and an alchemy of sorts. Our guest for today’s show is a master at finding the good in every experience; he has learned how to turn lead into gold! And he’s built a business helping others do the same.   On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, Steve Rodgers of Alchemy Advisors, joins us to talk about what ignited his business, how and why he transformed his body and how he continues to transform his mind and his clients’ on a consistent basis. More About This Show   Steve Rodgers is a business and lifestyle consultant as well as the best-selling author of Lead Into Gold, which became a top seller on its first day in the marketplace! In 2015 he started his latest business, Alchemy Advisors. The business is so named as a tribute to Paul Coehlo’s The Alchemist, a book about finding what makes your soul sing, something he loves doing with his clients.   […]

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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast   Have you ever partnered up with someone either in business, friendship or romance because you thought they were better than you in some way? If you have, you are not alone. Our guest for today is here to talk about why that experience is so common for most women and what we can do about it.   On this episode of The Sex, Money and Food podcast, Joy Balma joins us. She is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and leader who is is passionate about helping women stop playing small, and start believing in their limitless feminine power.   More About This Show   Like many women, Joy Balma was once suffering from “good girlitis” and today she calls herself a recovering “good girl”. Her journey to empowerment began at the end of a ten-year romantic relationship. When she and her boyfriend split up, she began looking at her life as a whole, including her relationships. She realized she was giving power away in every area, and soon saw how other women were doing […]

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Did you know your body has built-in healing abilities? It does and here to explain more is Dr. Brandy McGill. She is a licensed naturopathic doctor in the the state of California who received her naturopathic doctorate and Masters in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. She graduated summa cum laude.   On this episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money and Food podcast, Dr. Brandy shares with us how she uses tailored holistic and natural therapies for each client she sees. She explains what naturopathy is, why she was drawn to it and how some of the specific ways it can help women’s health issues.   More About This Show Dr. Brandy first became interested in naturopathy when she had back surgery at the age of 18. It was to treat her scoliosis and even though her physicians told her she was cured, she actually felt worse after her surgery.   She started her undergraduate studies not long after and used what she learned in her nutrition classes to begin healing herself. The deeper she dug, […]

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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast Have you ever tried a new diet or a new way of eating that worked for a friend or someone you admired, only to have it not give you the same results? According to our guest, Amy Krasner, that’s because everyone’s body is different and there isn’t one right way for all of us to eat.     On this episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money and Food podcast, Amy is here to share her background as a clinical nutritionist, holistic nutritionist and natural chef. She explains what each of those roles are and how they’re different, and how to listen to your body to eat in a way that is healthier and happier for you.   More About This Show Amy Krasner is a walking testament to the value of your own health journey. When her own personal challenges with digestive issues, low energy, and discomfort weren’t fixed by conventional treatments and over the counter remedies, she dug in deeper. That digging led to her becoming a natural chef first and […]

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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast Do you feel like you have a story to tell but aren’t sure how to shape it and share it with the world? One person who believes we all have a unique story is Amy Dushane. Amy is a creative entrepreneur with a background in public health, non-profit and education.. One of her greatest passions is to help people discover and share their voice, stories and ideas with the world, which she does through her business Dignity Blend.   On this episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money and Food podcast, Amy joins us to talk about her authentic story, why our stories are always evolving, and how she made her goal of working with Dr. Oz a reality!   More About This Show Amy grew up in Arizona, and moved to Flagstaff where she went to college. She studied public/community health and earned a minor in biology.   The recession hit right after graduation, and she was so afraid because she didn’t know if couldn’t find a job. Rather than give in […]

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Have you ever thought if you just had money everything in your life would be fine? If you have, you’re like many other people. But our guest for today’s show says money would only emphasize what already exists in your life, it wouldn’t necessarily make it better.   Ryan Ponsford of Main Street Philanthropy joins us on this episode of Real World Woman: Sex, Money and Food to discuss what he has found by working with affluent families, inner city kids and the amazing organization he created by combining the two. Ryan’s journey is an insightful and inspiring one that you’ll get to hear all about on today’s show!   More ABout This Show Ryan has two decades of experience in the business world, the non-profit world and in the financial services sector. In that time he’s learned a tremendous amount about relationships, the importance and benefit of giving, and what it means to disrupt the status quo of an industry.   When Ryan began working with affluent families about how to pass on their wealth, he noticed some patterns […]

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  Is there a link between psychology, nutrition and hypnotherapy? There is and it is our guest for today’s show, Jessica Montenegro. Jessica is a woman on a mission: to help people improve their lives and be the best version of themselves they can be.   In that vein, Jessica created her studio, Gymbratz, located in San Diego. She joins us on this episode of Real World Woman: Sex, Money and Food to talk about what the 3 D’s are, how to curb your negative internal voice and so much more!   More ABout This Show At Gymbratz she weaves elements of psychology, nutrition and hypnotherapy into her client sessions in her quest to help people become the best they can be.  Specifically she works with clients on exercise, nutrition, and mental wellness through a variety tools of including hypnotherapy.   Hypnotherapy helps the client relax and find greater mental wellness. In her hypnotherapy sessions, Jessica leads her client through the story of their best possible life, both in mind and in body. Those sessions help with the physical aspect […]

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Have you been able to reflect on past relationships and see how they’ve changed your life? Our guest today has and one relationship in particular opened up an entirely new world for her.   Brittany Policastro is now a yoga teacher, facilitator, and writer who has founded Beyond Asana. Through a tumultuous relationship from her early 20s she found yoga, a new business and ultimately herself. Today we talk about that relationship, the healing she has done and now offers the world. All of that and more on this episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money and Food podcast!   More About This Show   Today Brittany Policastro is a creative, truth-speaker who has traveled the world teaching yoga to children and now writes soul-stirring articles for her blog and for The Huffington Post.   But the catalyst for those experiences stem from a relationship she had in her early 20s. It started when she was 21 and lasted till she was 25. It was emotionally abusive and incredibly difficult for her, but through a friend of her then-lover’s […]

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