055: Creating Abundance with Luci McMonagle


Have you ever felt like you needed more money to make ends meet? Have you had to make sacrifices just to pay your rent? Today’s guest, Luci McMonagle, is here to share how changing your mindset creates more abundance and wealth in your life.  


Luci McMonagle is an abundance breakthrough coach, public speaker, best-selling author, and radio show host. Luci is passionate about helping women make a difference in the world. She specializes in bridging spiritual and practical techniques in order to create abundance.


On this episode of the Real World Woman: Sex, Money, and Food Podcast, Luci joins us to explain the effects of shifting our mindset and how to cultivate wealth. You don’t want to miss this episode: Luci shares her tactic for silencing the mind in 30 seconds, plus much more about creating abundance!


More About This Show

Luci hasn’t always been a wealthy, savvy entrepreneur. On today’s show, she recounts her experience as a struggling single mom who had to make the difficult decision of feeding her son, or purchasing groceries for herself.


After struggling for so long, she finally decided that she had had enough of this lifestyle. She committed to finding a way out of her dire circumstances, and she has not looked back since.


With that in mind Luci attended a meditation class, and it immediately changed her outlook. She realized that thoughts control reality and that insight changed everything.


She started paying closer attention to her emotions, keeping a notecard in her back pocket to record her daily thoughts. She realized she held the power to eject negative thoughts, and also to replace them with positive affirmations.


Luci not only trained her mind, but she also changed her perspective about money. She began focusing on abundance, and manifesting a change in her finances.


During this time, Luci was astounded that there always seemed to be more money in her accounts than she had accounted for, and she even began finding pennies everywhere.


She believes that when you focus on the things that are coming to you, they begin to multiply. This experience helped Luci realize that money is energy, and by focusing on abundance, her wealth continued to grow.


Luci shares her experience changing her own thoughts and manifesting abundance, as well as how you can apply these principles to your own life.  On today’s show, we also chat about recognizing opportunities, the power of words, and Luci shares her Real World Woman win! Don’t miss this discussion on this episode of the Real World Woman: Sex, Money, and Food Podcast!


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Luci Answers the Questions


Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, and food!

A: Money is the most important. If you don’t have money, you can’t buy food, and you can’t have high quality sex if you’re worried about whether or not you’re going to be homeless.


Q: There is nothing better in life than…

A: To be in your field of potentiality.


Q: Your ultimate pleasure in life is?

A: Empowering women so they can have the life they choose.


Q: What did being stuck in that rat race vortex smell like to you?

A: It smelled like death. I felt a part of me dying every single day. I was not living my truth.


Q: What is a mistake or a circumstance you went through in your 20’s regarding sex, money and food that is has allowed you grow and learn?

A: I was not making enough money to purchase the right amount of food. After so many nights of not having the money to buy food, that’s when I made the decision. I had to find a way out. I made a decision that was so strong, that was so powerful that it shook my mind. It shook my reality. I opened up my eyes and I started seeing so many opportunities. After I made that vow, I discovered I could be of service and make a good living.


Q: The book beside your bed is?

A: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill,  The Law of Propulsion by Jeremiah Hues and You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay


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