060: Becoming a social media expert, with Wes Pinkston


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or have a 9 to 5 job, your career path will constantly evolve and grow. Such is the case for our guest on today’s show: Mr. Wes Pinkston.


On this episode of the Real World Woman: Sex, Money, and Food Podcast, Wes shares his early experience in real estate and how that led to his co-creation of The Broke Agent as well as his expertise in social media and branding for the real estate crowd. We’ll dive into all of that plus much more!


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Today Wes is an entrepreneur focused on building and executing digital strategies, including his co-creation The Broke Agent. That site has become one of the fastest growing and most popular web sites in the real estate industry – it gets over 100,000 unique visitors per month and 1/10th of ALL realtors are subscribed.


Out of that experience as well as his own exploration he has become a leading social media and digital marketing consultant for real estate agents and brokers. In fact, Swanepoel recently named him a Top 20 Social Media Influencer in real estate.


All of this began even before he went to college. Wes’ dad is an old school commercial real estate agent and Wes began learning from him early on. In high school Wes took appraisal classes, and later did property tax consultant work. He says he learned from his dad: it was an old school, old man boring real estate path!


But it livened up from there. After college Wes moved to Los Angeles and continued exploring real estate. He worked for the Lakers for a bit during which he met Josh Altman of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.


They hit it off and Josh suggested Wes join his office. Wes went for it and spent the next 2.5 years learning from Josh and his team; he says it was an incredible and valuable experience.


Showing his true love for the world of real estate Wes moved into the digital space. He and his friend Eric co-created The Broke Agent. It’s a blog that chronicles their own real-life experiences in the RE world with situational comedy and humor.


The content is meant to entertain and also educate. Education is something that is sorely lacking in the RE world, according to Wes. The Broke Agent blog calls out that lack of education, as well as other BS that goes on in the industry. And clearly they’ve struck a chord! With over 100k unique visits every month people are tuning in because they like what they are receiving from Wes and Eric.


Also on today’s show, Wes shares the four reasons to use social media and how to leverage yourself and your knowledge to become an influencer and an authority in your niche.


Listen in to hear Wes share more on that topic, plus his next big adventure. It’s all here on this episode of the Real World Woman: Sex, Money, and Food Podcast!  


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Wes Answers the Questions

Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food,

A: My food is boring so I’ll go with money, sex then food.


Q: There is nothing better in life than…

A: My mom! I’m a big mama’s boy. I go down to San Diego to see her every few weeks and bring her flowers.


Q: Your ultimate pleasure in life is?

A:  Building a business and get away from it, while still having it run itself. That frees me up to do whatever my heart desires!


Q: What does The Broke Agent smell like to you?

A:  Chanel Blue and Armani’s Acqua Di Gio. It smells like sex is what it smells like!


Q: What is a mistake or a circumstance you went through in your 20’s that has allowed you grow and learn?

A: I’d say the past five years! Being in LA, my issue has been perfectionism. I’ll get passionate about something and just starting working my ass off towards it, not really seeing the big picture. My issue has been working way too hard and not evaluating each activity. What I’ve learned is you have to reevaluate and have the most efficient day possible.


Q: What book are you reading?

A: The Lean Start-up, by Eric Ries and The Systems Mindset by Sam Carpenter



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