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Have you ever tried a new diet or a new way of eating that worked for a friend or someone you admired, only to have it not give you the same results? According to our guest, Amy Krasner, that’s because everyone’s body is different and there isn’t one right way for all of us to eat.  


On this episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money and Food podcast, Amy is here to share her background as a clinical nutritionist, holistic nutritionist and natural chef. She explains what each of those roles are and how they’re different, and how to listen to your body to eat in a way that is healthier and happier for you.


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Amy Krasner is a walking testament to the value of your own health journey. When her own personal challenges with digestive issues, low energy, and discomfort weren’t fixed by conventional treatments and over the counter remedies, she dug in deeper. That digging led to her becoming a natural chef first and then later a holistic nutritionist and clinical nutritionist.


Today she runs her own practice in San Diego working primarily with women to increase their energy levels, improve their digestion and feel healthier and happier in their bodies, and their lives.


On this episode, Amy explains why food and nutrition continue to fascinate her. She says food influences all aspects of our lives and vice versa. If we are having a good time with friends our food choices are often different than if we’ve had a bad day or are fighting with our significant other.



And our food choices can influence our energy levels and our moods, which impact our work, our relationships, our friendships and how we feel about ourselves. Food and the different aspects of our lives go hand in hand.


Amy’s first venture into the holistic food world began when she took a natural chef program in Berkeley, California. Having grown up in San Diego and gone to college in Orange County not far away, moving to the Bay area was a big change for her! She took that time to do a lot of personal exploration, as well as studying for her program.


It was well worth the investment. Amy went from feeling confused and uncertain about what to buy, prepare and eat from the natural food store to making nourishing and healing meals for herself every night. And she finally began to heal physically and understand her body better.


Today she has taken that same approach to helping her clients. Her natural chef program helped her get into the nutrition world and helped her know how to cook for someone with heart problems, digestive disorders, recovering from cancer or with weight loss goals.

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That led to her training in holistic and clinical nutrition trainings, and she can blend the two based on what her client needs. She now understands flavor profiles and how to create meal plans and programs for her clients that are enjoyable, sustainable and don’t feel like deprivation!


Amy is a wealth of healthy, nutritional wisdom. Listen in for all of that and much more on this week’s episode of The Real World Woman: Sex, Money, and Food Podcast.  


Amy Answers the Questions


Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.

A: Food is for sure my #1, I think about it a lot and it’s a big part of my life professionally and personally. Next is probably money because it allows for more opportunities. Sex is the third – although it really is important!


Q: There is nothing better in life than…

A: sitting on the beach.


Q: What is your ultimate pleasure in life?

A: connecting – genuine connection and good quality conversations.


Q: What does a nourished balance smell like to you?

A: I think it smells like eating a fresh peach on the beach! Sweet, salty, and fresh.


Q: What is a mistake or a circumstance you went through that has allowed you to grow and learn?

A: The experience I am most grateful for is when I moved to Berkeley after college. I moved there to study at Bowman College and did a natural chef program there. While there I was doing a lot of self-discovery, I didn’t know anyone when I moved. Through that there are challenges and through challenges you grow. But it also gave me the time to work on myself and really grow, and really dive into me and healing my own health.


Q: What book are you reading?

A: I have three books beside my bed! Most recent book I read is Profit from Happiness by Jake Ducey, it’s easy and relatable for me where I am at right now.  The other book I’m reading now is Secret Success by Eric Thomas.


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