077: Awaken Your Sensuality With Your Yoni Power, With Elise Carr


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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast

Merging sexuality with spirituality….



For many of us, sex is an experience we go into with the end goal in mind: orgasm. In our haste to achieve that goal, women often don’t reach full arousal, and both men and women miss out on the other accompanying sensations available during an intimate union.


On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast, Elise Carr is here to bring awareness to the potential that is there when we are present during every moment of our lovemaking. She also shares how women can tap into their yoni power better and why it’s critical to love yourself first, then the Divine before moving into a partnership with another person.


More About This Show


Elise Carr has learned about the power of the yoni and sacred union through personal experience. Today she is the trailblazer behind StellaMuse. And as a sacred spirituality and sexuality director, mentor, coach, writer, speaker, and Tantra practitioner, she is called the “Pioneer of Yoni Power.”


She grew into those roles through immense challenges and personal experiences. She has discovered the need to love yourself first, and then how to work on your relationship with the divine feminine. From those sources of love, everything else flows. If you spend time every day investing in yourself, you can keep your cup full so you can give to your beloved and others in your life.


One of the experiences that taught her that valuable lesson came in her 20s. She had finished her first college degree and was modeling full-time internationally. Doing so, she exhausted her body as well as her spirit.


While she wasn’t interested in staying late at after parties or any of the other glitz and glamor that came along with the job, she was still working out very hard and not nourishing her body properly. She thought she was eating healthy but in fact, she was not, and it took a significant toll on her body.


She eventually came home when her partner gave her an ultimatum and her body broke down. She had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and her heart flatlined four times while in the hospital.  


Through this she discovered she was shutting her heart off from her yoni energy, there was a major energetic disconnect between the two. She wasn’t honoring herself, her creativity, her true power and her authentic self; her body literally had had enough and forced her to pay attention.


In that experience and with that realization, everything about her was stripped away. She could hardly walk let alone stroll down the catwalk; she had to walk away from modeling. She couldn’t drive a car or wash her own hair. And her relationship ended.


Looking back on that time, Elise says it was hell to go through, but it was also a tremendous gift. And she brought that gift into the world through a book she wrote called Runway. Writing the book, at her aunt’s suggestion, became her savior. It helped her heal and move in a positive direction from the crossroads she was at.


On this episode of the Sex, Money, and Food podcast, Elise also shares how she helps others through their own crossroads, why it’s actually romantic to schedule lovemaking and why orgasms are like sneezes! Listen in to hear this awakening and delicious edition of the show.


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Elise Answers the Questions


Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.

A: Food! Food leads into sacred sex, then money.


Q: There is nothing better in life than…

A: Truth and intimacy.


Q: What is your ultimate pleasure in life?

A: Being a clear channel of love and life, so I can be of greater service to those I connect with.


Q: What does the divine feminine smell like to you?

A: That’s such an awesome question! It’s definitely connected to Mother Earth and the elements – like the ocean breeze and a little bit of rose, orchid, and honey. Definitely, the flowers mixed with the ocean spray.


Q: What is a circumstance you went through that has allowed you to grow and learn and made you who you are today?

A: My life from the age of 4 had a lot of disruption and horrific changes. From then til about my late 20s/early 30s, there was a lot of disruption, and I felt it all shook me to the core. I feel I was shaken, shattered and broken numerous times. And when I look back I have had a really dynamic journey for a young person, and I realized I had to go through those mini traumas and big traumas to have emotional intelligence, a compassion and loving kindness for myself, my journey and for the role, I stepped into.



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