079: The Impostor Syndrome, With Nicole Holland


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Getting out of her own way to hosting the Business Building Rockstar Show…


If someone interviewed over 150 of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners what wisdom would they learn? You’re about to find out on today’s fun and informative episode.


Our guest, Nicole Holland is the host of her own podcast and has interviewed more than 150 of the most successful people in the business world in that role.


On today’s show, she shares what she’s learned from them and from her own experiences. Nicole and I chat about a recent lesson she learned about her own choices that led down a rabbit hole, what The Impostor Syndrome is and how to overcome it. You’ll hear that and more on this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast!


More About This Show


As host of the podcast, The Business Building Rockstars Show, Nicole is on a mission to help experts grow their audience, their impact, and their influence quickly and easily by leveraging podcast interviews.


Over the past year and a half, she’s interviewed more than 150 extremely successful entrepreneurs. In all of her interviews, she talks to entrepreneurs in various industries to discuss what it took for them to reach rock star status! And she’s darn good at it, her podcast made the esteemed list of iTunes New & Noteworthy.


But it wasn’t long ago that she was working in jobs she hated. Today she shares a recent lesson she learned that helped her get back to her passion of entrepreneurship after a stint in the 9 to 5 world.


About two years ago she left her job as a corrections officer, a role she had not imagined for herself in her earlier days. Originally she was an entrepreneur with a coaching business, she helped at-risk youth and families in crisis. But this was pre-Internet days and business was tough!


Eventually, she was offered a job that she thought would be doing something she’d love. It turned out to be better on paper than in practice, and she left for another job. The pattern repeated itself and then repeated itself again.


She acknowledges she went down a rabbit hole seeking security and forgot she can be and is the creator of her own story. With that regained awareness, she quit her job and became an entrepreneur again.


As an entrepreneur, she faced and continues to face many challenges, all of which apply to other areas of life. One of the biggest challenges she continues to battle is one we all can relate to: The Impostor Syndrome. The Impostor Syndrome is that voice in your head that says you aren’t good enough for something you want.


Entrepreneurs tend to experience this a lot, but the rest of us do as well. It’s the doubts and insecurities you have about going out with a certain person, about asking for a raise, etc.


It’s a mindset that keeps you stuck and stagnant in any area of your life, and it is a common experience for everyone. Nicole says she has interviewed the super successful and the famous people of the world, all of whom have dealt with and continue to deal with The Imposter Syndrome.


Nicole overcomes this by acknowledging those thoughts and those gremlins, and then she reminds herself of great things she’s done. She recommends you do the same!


Also on this episode, Nicole shares how to tap into your why and how to deal with rejection, whether or not you are a business owner or entrepreneur. She also explains why she created her summit and what it offers.


Her straight-shooting, honest and heartfelt stories and insights make this an episode you don’t want to miss. Tune in for all of that and more on The Sex, Money and Food podcast!

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Nicole Answers the Questions


Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.

A: Money is first, I have to be honest. Then food because you can’t live without it, and you can live without sex (not that you want to but you can!).


Q: There is nothing better in life than…

A: love.


Q: What is your ultimate pleasure in life?

A: it really is just peace and quiet. My ultimate pleasure is sitting by the water when no one is at the beach and just listening to the waves, the air, the seagulls and just being.


Q: What does entrepreneurship smell like to you?

A: Jasmine! Because it’s a peaceful, joy-filled and natural scent. To me that’s what entrepreneurship is: we are all striving for peace, freedom, that higher something and jasmine signifies freedom to me.


Q: What is a circumstance you went through that has allowed you to grow and learn and made you who you are today?

A: SO many! I think life, in general, is an evolution. I’m 40 now and with each chapter, I think I’ve learned great lessons, I’m good. Then you get more lessons to learn and you think again I’m good – but you’re going to keep getting lessons and learning lessons! They keep getting more sophisticated but at the end of the day lessons never stop.


Q: What book are you reading?

A: I don’t have a book, I’m not a big reader! I like audio, but my favorite book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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Nicole Holland
Reply February 8, 2017

Thanks so much for inviting me on your show & letting me share my story with your audience Alexandra! I appreciate you! :)

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