082: Creating Your Own WOW Factor, With Lynn Rose


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Revolutionizing your life with Lynn Rose…

If you’ve ever felt yourself putting up walls or blocking yourself from going after something you really wanted, today’s guest will inspire and inform you to change that experience!

On this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast, Lynn Rose joins us to talk about transforming an experience no matter how you are feeling about it, why our greatest challenges often become our greatest messages, as well as a personal example of how she opened up and dropped her own walls.


More About This Show

Lynn Rose has been called “The Voice of Transformation”. She has an entertainment background and has been a TV host, a singer, and a Broadway performer. Today she is recognized as an international speaker, a motivation and media strategist who has shared the stage with everyone from Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, and Jay Leno to Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins.

Using what she calls The WOW Factor, she’s helped billionaire CEOs, celebrities, and professionals alike to transform their fears into assets and to live powerfully without walls or internal borders.

On this episode she shares an experience that helped her become the transformational messenger she is today. Earlier in her career she was in a Broadway performance when it ended abruptly. That event, along with several other challenges in her life at the time, caused her to shut down: she couldn’t sing or perform. She left the entertainment world for two years.

Later she came back to entertainment and then began branching out into the speaking world. Her third speaking gig was an event for 8,000 chiropractors as well as people in the personal development world. In fact, it was such a big event that many of her heroes were in the audience:  Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, John Gray, John DiMartini, and the like.

She took a red eye to get there and didn’t sleep at all. When she showed them the speech she was going to give, they threw it out and gave her a new speech to do that same night. To top it off, there was no way to use notes and there was no teleprompter, and no podium.

She was so nervous backstage that she was nearly throwing up. She even prayed for the fire alarm to go off so she wouldn’t have to go on! But when she felt herself shutting down, she knew she had to shift her energy, attention and her focus. From her previous experiences and challenges, she knew that what mattered most was to treat the speech like a conversation with her best friend. Connection was (and is) key.

She stayed focused on the connection and letting the audience know they were #1. So she let everything else dance to the side, and focused on the connection throughout the speech. She had to keep coming back to the connection, but eventually, it carried the day!

Also on this episode, she shares how her WOW mastermind got started as well as a simple three step practice to use throughout your day to keep you connected, present and on track. You’ll have to tune in to hear the details, but it involves gratitude, acknowledgment, and non-judgment!

She also gives her real world win and a favorite quote by George Elliot. You won’t want to miss a thing on today’s show so sit back and enjoy!

Tweetable: “Judgments are what create our walls.” ~Lynn Rose



Lynn Answers the Questions

Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.

A: Sex, money, and food! There’s something about the bonded connection: how free, how ultimate it is and I think it’s such a vital part of life. Then money because of all the good you can do, and the way it can support you in living your vision, your passion, and support others in the world. And food is great, but I would put that third in the order!

Q: There is nothing better in life than…

A: feeling fully alive.

Q: What is your ultimate pleasure in life?

A: Living my passion and doing what I love to do. I love being on stage or on camera, connecting with people and heightening and raising the energy.


Q: What does shedding the walls smell like to you?

A: What a fascinating question! Without walls smells like an explosive fragrance: it means aliveness, unabashed, unstoppable, connected aliveness. The scent that gave me that feeling was a Hawaiian flower: plumeria.

Q: What is a mistake or a circumstance you went through regarding sex, money, and food that is has allowed you grow and learn from. Or is there something that you would say…I will never do that again!

A: I feel like our challenges, especially when we were younger, end up being drivers and informing us of our purpose. That famous saying “Your mess is your message”. Instead of being successful or doing what you are meant to do, despite what happened to you – it’s actually because of what happened to you. So be thankful even when it’s something that is challenging or tough.

For me there were a lot of challenges that happened to me that resulted in being shut down. I was trying to look at the wall I was controlling, but not letting anyone come near it. I was doing a Broadway show and it was wonderful. But when it ended suddenly along with other things that were happening, I shut down. I could no longer sing, I had no confidence and I had to leave the entertainment industry for two years.


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