086: Seeing Our Challenges As Our Greatest Gifts, With Dallas Cyr


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Challenges, Intuition and Spite…


Have you ever heard someone say they’ve succeeded in spite of numerous obstacles? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed someone’s determination to overcome great difficulties and to show the world they are the best, no matter what has happened to them.


While that focus and attitude is admirable, there is a much easier way to live a fulfilled, abundant and supremely successful life. Dallas Cyr, the founder of Ignite Purpose and the creator of Speak | Express | Impact, tells us how to do just that on this edition of The Sex, Money, and Food podcast!

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Today Dallas Cyr is a powerful inspirational speaker,  a conscious business coach, and a transformational life guide. But he will be the first to tell you he was once a mess! You’ll hear him share his story of going from bankruptcy (financially, spiritually and emotionally) to his present day life of passion, purpose, and fun.


And one of the keys to his transformation has been his ability to trust his intuition. He has always trusted his inner guidance, and that has been his saving grace. Naturally, one of the things he helps people do now is to get in touch with their own intuition and listen to it!


You can start to practice this by muscle testing your body. You can stand with your hand on your chest and then speak aloud a statement you think is true. Notice how your body responds: are you tense or are you relaxed and smiling? Do you feel a surge of power or do you feel uncertain? That is your intuition telling you if this statement is true or not.


On this episode, Dallas also explains why challenges are our greatest gifts. He says you have success because of your challenges, not in spite of them. If there’s nothing for you to overcome, then there is no success!


For example, if you are running a marathon and you complete it, then you didn’t succeed despite those 26.2 miles – you succeeded because of those 26.2 miles! Those miles were the race, and without the race, there would have been no marathon for you to complete. You would not have had success without the miles.


It’s a much more powerful perspective to take on challenges. Consider that your challenges make your journey more meaningful and they help you shift who you are in the world.


You can either use the challenges to shift, or you can let them harden you if you don’t see them as opportunities to grow and learn.


Another exercise to practice is thanking your challenges. Say thank you to each one and appreciate that it showed up to facilitate your highest good and your biggest transformation. If you do see your challenge this way and thank it, then what is possible? What opportunities open up in the world to better serve and support you?

By doing so you become open, and you are more observant and are more expansive. You also begin to shift your emotional state, your vibration. You become more attractive to the thing that is going to help you turn this situation around, whether that be love, money, etc.


Also on this edition of the show, Dallas explores what first stage living, second stage living, and third stage living are and what those terms mean. He tells us which of the stages allows us to be miracle makers who surrender, and stand in our power while watching the beauty and magic of life unfold.


You’ll hear that plus how to move from just thinking something to believing it then to ultimately knowing it, and why there’s so much more power in knowing! Tune in for those gems and more on today’s episode of the Sex, Money, and Food podcast.


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Dallas Answers the Questions


Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.

A:  I’m going to say sex, food, money.


Q: There is nothing better in life than…

A: music. Because I can’t remember a day when music hasn’t been involved in some way!


Q: What is your ultimate pleasure in life?

A: it’s transformation. I love being in the amazing, loving relationship that I’m in right now. One of our core tenants is growth; we want to play, have fun, we want to grow together. We want the other person to be a stand for our greatness. We want to transform and grow together so we don’t grow apart. I believe foundationally if you are not growing you’re dying, there is no staying the same.


Q: What does “knowing” smell like to you?

A: I’ve got a hundred answers coming up! A different knowing might have a different scent. Knowing that I’m going in the right direction with my body might smell like green smoothie or sweat. The other knowing that comes up for me is smelling the ocean: there’s a crispness to it and a fresh smell, you can smell the salt in the air and the moisture.


Q: What is a mistake or a circumstance you went through regarding sex, money, and food that has allowed you to grow and learn from. Or is there something that you would say…I will never do that again!

A: I have a foundational philosophy I teach. It’s new because it comes through me and yet the ultimate premise of this philosophy is not new, it goes back to literally teachings that were in the yoga sutras which were written 5,000 years pre-dating the Bible. The teachings are Hindu-based and Buddhist-based, and teach that Nothing is as it seems, everything just is. It’s not until we put our perception, our meaning or our story onto something that it becomes what we experience it to be.” I believe that of all things.
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