087: Live a F**k Yes Life, With Marci Lock


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Transforming your subconscious and breaking down barriers…


Have you ever tried to make a change in your life, only to fall back into old habits, and then wondered why you couldn’t maintain that change? Our guest today, Marci Lock, has the answer and she’s sharing it on today’s show.


Marci is known around the world as the Fuck Yes Mentor, she is a transformation specialist, mentor, coach and best-selling author who speaks around the globe. She helps people achieve the life of their dreams – their fuck yes life! – by breaking down barriers and creating permanent change.


Today we’ll talk about her journey to living her own fuck yes life, and how she helps others shift their paradigms to do the same. This is one epic show so buckle up and get ready to have your world rocked on this edition of The Sex, Money, and Food podcast!

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Today Marci hosts her own TV and radio shows, offers programs, coaching, books, and amazing events around the world. With her own unique formula, called the Lock Formula, she touches and transforms thousands of lives, including everyday people to Fortune 500 companies.


But her journey to living her own fuck yes life was born from dire straits. One day she found herself a single mom of two young boys with only a $2 an hour waitress job to support all of them. Her husband had cheated and they divorced, leaving her with $10 to her name. She literally didn’t know how she was going to put food on the table for her family.


Naturally going from that situation to living her own epic fuck yes life didn’t happen in one giant. It took incremental steps and a lot of inner personal changes. She says she was programmed for poverty, having grown up poor on a farm.


Today we talk about how she released that program so that today money comes to her as easily as air, and how she helps her clients do the same.


Marci explains that money is a reflection of the value you’re giving the world, and also how much you love yourself. How much money you have is directly proportional to how big you are willing to allow yourself to become; how much you allow yourself to be seen and to be heard is a reflection of how much you are willing to give and how much you love yourself.


If your money situation isn’t where you want it to be it’s probably because you have negative subconscious beliefs running the show. She goes on to explain that 80% of what most of us are doing is based on our subconscious, and our subconscious mind is shaped by our lives from infancy to about 7 years of age.


In that timeframe for most of us we are taught that our emotions are bad and should be stifled and shut down, so we don’t even realize what our bodies are saying to us later in life. Hearing where our bodies are hurting is the key to understanding our emotions and our belief patterns.


Marci gives an example of one of her clients. This woman is a doctor with a huge facility in Texas. One day the doctor had an issue come up, and she felt overwhelmed and upset by it. Marci asked her what she was feeling and the client said she didn’t know.


So Marci prompted her further by asking where she was feeling the overwhelm and upset in her body. The client tuned in and said she could feel it in her chest.


Marci knew that feelings in the chest are linked to sadness, so she asked her client what she was sad about. The client said I feel like I don’t trust myself with this issue. So they dug into it and got down to a particular experience that led to the client creating the story and the accompanying sadness.


This client shared that when she was two she peed on the floor. She was out somewhere with her dad and she couldn’t hold it any longer, so she peed on the floor. Her dad got mad at her and because she was only two at the time all she heard was his anger. The client made the experience mean that was bad and wrong and she couldn’t trust herself, nor her own body. And the client carried that belief into every area of her life into adulthood.



Together they looked at the patterns and programs that were all supporting that story, and then broke those down so the client could begin to operate differently.


Today Marci explains why it’s a matter of connecting the chemical reactions in our bodies with the thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and why we must shift our belief system in order to create lasting changes.


She also gives the reason superficial self-empowerment tools don’t work – and what does instead! Listen in for all of that and SO much more on this episode of The Sex, Money and Food podcast with Marci Lock.

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Marci Answers the Questions


Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.

A:  I disagree – ALL! This is the exact belief systems of what I teach about and bringing enlightenment about. I rapidly ascend people to a fuck yes life! We think we can have this as the top priority, then this is next, etc. So I think they all get to be a part of my life and they are all a priority!


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