088: Relinquishing Fears to Cultivate Growth with Alexandra Harbushka


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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast

Using our voice and facing your fears with Alexandra Harbushka


Have you ever felt paralyzed by your fears? Have you felt afraid to be vulnerable, or too anxious to step outside the confines of your comfort zone? This happened to me, and on today’s show, I want to share my story with you.


On this episode of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast, I’m sitting down without a guest to discuss my own perspective. I was terrified to record this episode and share it with you, but I truly believe that it is only through stepping outside of our comfort zone that we are able to grow. Join me for this episode of the Sex, Money and Food Podcast!


More About This Show

Recently I’ve been reflecting on the premise of this podcast. Perhaps it isn’t fair that I’ve asked over 100 guests the same set of questions, but never taken the time to share my own perspective. And the truth is, I haven’t done it yet because it scares me. It’s uncomfortable to speak from the heart; it’s scary to open yourself up to judgment.  


Although it scares me to sit down and be vulnerable with you, I know that now is my time. In the next few episodes, I’m committed to opening up and sharing my stories. I want to share my life, my perspective, and my experiences with you.


One of the first questions I’ve asked every guest in my time as a podcaster is to rank sex, money, and food in order. Like many of our guests, the answer is complex. All three of those aspects are essential to lead a fulfilled life.


But since I have to choose, I would rank sex first. Not only is sex the most beautiful, blissful connection between two people, but also sexual energy is incredibly important to me. As a woman, I believe my sexual energy is what allows me to create, and to feel.


Without fully expressing my sexual energy, I am numb. I know that from experience. I’ve felt at times in my life that I needed to suppress my sexual energy. In Corporate America, I felt that I had to dress a certain way in order to be accepted. There have been times when I have slouched because I worried if I stood up straight I would be perceived as showing off my breasts. I have since learned how important it is to use that energy, and to be proud of it.


Next in my ranking is food. Food is nourishment—it gives us life and fuels our body. By eating the right foods, we equip our body to go through life. When we nourish our bodies, we are able to do the things we want to do.


At one point in my life, I was a prisoner to food. I would restrict my diet, and deny myself food. I even denied myself experiences, and I felt an immense pressure to be a certain size. When I look back on that time, it makes my heart heavy. Now food is the highlight of my day! I put food in my body so that I can perform at my highest level.


Third in my ranking is money. Money is a difficult topic for me to talk about. I think so many people have misconceptions about money. It’s largely perceived by society that it’s bad to be too rich, and it’s bad to be too poor. Society and the media reinforce that poor people are lazy, and that rich people are greedy. These ideas couldn’t be further than the truth. I strongly believe that money should not define someone, and I certainly don’t believe money defines me.


I grew up in a privileged family in a wealthy neighborhood, but at one point we lost everything. My parents were wise enough to take advantage of that situation and teach me an invaluable lesson: money does not define you. I’ve learned to strike a balance—I don’t focus on scarcity, but I also don’t freely spend and give away all my money. It’s a flow. I believe that your mindset about money shapes your reality.


On today’s show, I’ll elaborate on how this episode was conceived, and how I finally mustered up the courage to record and publish it. I’m sharing my lesson of letting go of anxieties and overwhelm in order to transform. I’ll also share my upcoming plans. You’ll hear all of that and more on this edition of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast!


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I Answer the Question

Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.

A:  Sex, food, and money.


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Alexandra Harbushka
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I am an entrepreneur, a daughter, and a lover. My life passion is to help women discover the secrets to having all three of life’s essentials: sex, money, and food. I bring my international experience and corporate success together to help other women thrive as a Real World Woman.

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