089: Starting The New Year Off Right with Alexandra Harbushka


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Begin with gratitude and the rest will follow…


Welcome to episode 89 of The Sex, Money and Food podcast! Today it’s another solo episode, and I’m sharing my thoughts on how to start your new year off right by changing your internal mental chatter with gratitude.


On this episode of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast, I talk about the anxiety and fear I have felt at the end of the year and how I have changed my response this year. I’ll also give you some tools you can use when you feel anxiety or fear popping up, so listen in to hear those and much more!


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Welcome to 2017, it’s a brand new year! I don’t know how you feel at the end of the year/start of a new year, but I have often been anxious in the past. For many years I thought the anxiety was coming from a variety of different sources, but this year I realized it’s just my ego’s fear-based mental chatter!


To make matters worse, that mental chatter was not very kind. The things I said to myself did nothing but bring me down. My own mind was playing out a lot of woulda/coulda/shoulda games, which only served to lower my confidence.


This year I finally told myself that I am exactly where I need to be and I am telling you the same thing right now! We have to remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint and it’s about enjoying the journey including the highs and the lows.


I’m sharing all of this so you know I am right there with you, when your ego goes into fear mode and you are feeling anxious. And when my mind goes into that fear-based mode, I respond by wanting to nap! I don’t know how you respond but that is my immediate coping mechanism.


However, the other day I was in full-on anxiety mode and decided not to take that approach. Instead, I talked it through: with myself, with the love of my life. I also meditated and let the feelings pass through me.


Fear and anxiety are natural responses so talking it through with yourself and with those closest to you, along with meditation, are all good ways to cope.


Another amazing tool is gratitude. Take some time to think through every single thing you have to be grateful for: right now you are listening to this podcast on your phone or your laptop, so be grateful for those items. And you have ears to hear it – another thing to be grateful for! You have a mind to process what you hear, yet another thing to be thankful for.

Gratitude is such a powerful tool because when you are grateful you put yourself in an abundant mindset, versus a coulda/woulda/shoulda mindset which lowers your self-esteem, and makes you feel more self-conscious.

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And whatever mindset you are in is what you are going to attract and bring more of into your life. So if you are scared and anxious and are focused on what you don’t have, you will get more of that. But if you are grateful and feeling thankful for ALL that you have and feeling abundant, then you will get more of that.


Try it out, begin to give thanks when you are feeling afraid or anxious and see the difference it makes. Remind yourself that you are enough, you have enough and you are a unique person with wonderful gifts to give to the world, and you will attract great things to you.


Also on this episode, I describe more about my 5 day self-love challenge: including some of the topics we’ll cover like how to make room for abundance, how to slow down with food, and of course, sex. You’ll hear all of that and more on this edition of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast!


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