091: Healing Chronic Pain with Dr. Joe Tatta


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Pain, Love and Experiencing Life with Dr. Joe Tatta….


We have all experienced pain on some level, but have you ever wondered where pain stems from, or how to solve it? Today’s guest, Dr. Joe Tatta, has made it his life’s mission to help people who suffer from persistent pain, and reverse the global pain epidemic.

Dr. Joe is a doctor of physical therapy, a board certified nutrition specialist, and functional medicine practitioner based out of New York City. Today we’ll discuss his approach to treating chronic pain, the importance of self-care, and his secret sauce for living a happier, more-fulfilled life. Join us for this episode of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast.  

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One of Dr. Joe’s main inspirations for devoting his life to healthcare was his mother. She was a nurse who worked the night shift on the adolescent cancer floor in the hospital. She was the typical woman who juggled everything, seemingly perfectly. During the day she would take care of her kids and the house, and at night she dedicated her life to helping terminally ill children.


But after a couple years, her busy schedule caught up with her. She decided she could no longer work nights. Her sleep was disrupted. She became overwhelmed with digestive issues, and riddled with anxiety.


For Dr. Joe, as a nine-year old child, it was powerful for him to watch this situation unfold. He watched a strong, successful woman suddenly quit her job and rearrange her life. She changed her priorities and healed herself naturally.


From that experience Dr. Joe learned the importance of self-care. He says self-care is good care; it’s the best healthcare you can find, and it’s free. In his work today, he especially emphasizes the importance of self-care for women.


He explains that for women, especially in childbearing age, self-care is critical. This particular age range puts women in a vulnerable position. During this time is typically when health problems arise, such as autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, and extra weight.


Today we also talk about what causes these chronic illnesses and general lack of healthiness that has become too familiar for many Americans.


Dr. Joe explains that chronic pain is a function of the brain. This can be difficult to begin treating successfully, because many patients with chronic pain have limiting mindsets that prohibit them from healing. Dr. Joe explains that he often sees patients who demonstrate either fear avoidance or pain catastrophizing. Those negative thoughts perpetuate more negative thoughts, which increase stress hormones and create more pain.


Additionally, diet and movement are often a large piece of the puzzle. Typically, most people with chronic pain don’t treat all three of these causes. Perhaps they will see a physical therapist or psychologist and slightly alleviate their pain. But without addressing the whole picture, they are never totally healed.  


The issue is not usually divided equally among these three categories. Usually one aspect needs the most attention. But addressing the other two issues are important as well.


On today’s show, Dr. Joe is sharing his insights into how you can transform your life through strengthening your brain, adjusting your diet, and implementing an exercise routine. We’re also discussing the details of his book, and how women can overcome common pain issues. You’ll hear all of that and more on this episode of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast!

Tweetable: “Pain is about protection.”  – Dr. Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta, Sex Money and Food, Alexandra Harbushka

Dr. Joe Answers the Questions

Q: Rank the following in order: sex, money, food.
A: Sex, food, money.


Q: What is your ultimate pleasure in life?

A: Helping people cure their chronic pain.


Q: What does pain smell like to you?

A: A smoldering fire. The flames are small, but they’re really hot and they’re producing black toxic smoke. It smells extremely toxic.


Q: What is a mistake or circumstance you went through regarding sex, money, and food that has allowed you to grow and learn?

A: I had a rare autoimmune disease that I cured through healthy nutrition. I brought that into my practice, and now I help people that have autoimmune diseases.

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