093: Money and Emotions, with Alexandra Harbushka


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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast

The Four Money Personalities, with Alexandra Harbushka


Welcome to this of The Sex, Money and Food podcast! Money. It’s one of those taboo topics we’re not supposed to talk about – right along with politics and sex. But we are breaking that taboo today and we are talking about money! Specifically, we’re going to talk about our relationship with it and the four main money personalities.


On this episode of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast, I’ll be teaching you how to recognize which one of the four personalities you are, giving you advice on how to work with each of them and much more!


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In our solo shows together we’ve already talked about love, and food so today I thought we should talk about money and how we feel about it, and what our relationship with it is really like.


When you take a moment to think about money, how do you feel about it? Do you feel excited, happy, greedy, guilty, ambivalent or angry? Or do you feel something else? Pausing to consider how you feel about money will tell you a lot about your relationship with it, and that’s just what you and money have: a relationship.

So is your relationship on good terms or are you at odds with money? If you think it’s the root of all evil and it’s the reason you didn’t get to have what you wanted then maybe your relationship with money is negative and harsh.


Or maybe you love it, you trust that it shows up and you love to share it, spend it and do and buy the things you love. Then your relationship with money is a positive one.


Whatever your relationship and feelings around money it’s important to know what they are, and to educate ourselves about what they are. We need to know if money is our BFF or our foe. Only by knowing where we stand with money can we change or improve our relationship with it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.03.17 PM coins, Alexandra Harbushka

Typically there are four main personality types when it comes to money, let’s look at them.


  1. The Hoarder.

    They need security. This is the type of person who says if I had enough money then I’d be safe. If you are a hoarder you want to hold on to it, it’s your security blanket. You also don’t treat yourself to anything – you won’t buy new shoes as long as the ones you have do the job and you won’t do little things to take care of yourself like going out to eat or to the movies. You are also the person who loves to balance your checkbook, you love coupons, groupons and saving money!


  1. The Spender.

This is the second money personality and is the person who wants the newest, latest and greatest of everything. If you are a spender you buy things telling yourself I deserve this today because X happened. If you are a spender you don’t want to wait for things to go on sale, and you buy everything now. As a spender, you also love to give gifts and give to friends, and you probably have never met a credit card you didn’t like!


  1. The Avoider.

This is the category I fall into! The avoider avoids all money conversations at all times, even with themselves. As an avoider you won’t check your balances, you won’t look at how much you have coming in and going out. You avoid bills and may even be late in paying them because you have put off dealing with them. You avoid making financial decisions, let bills stack up and dread opening the bills that come in the mail.


  1. The Money Monk.

The fourth category is the money monk. This is typically a spiritual person who loves to give their gifts to the world. As a money monk you don’t even want to ask for money, you’d rather barter and exchange gifts. “Money doesn’t matter” is a common belief for you if you’re a money monk. You also love to donate, and give to others.


On this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast I give advice for working on each of these four personalities. You can start by taking small risks if you are a hoarder, you can set small limits as a spender, start looking at your finances as an avoider and start charging what you are worth as a money monk! Check out today’s show for more in-depth advice on each of these personalities, and more.

Alexandra Harbushka

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