094: Awakening Our Inner Wisdom, with Jacob Moya


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The Sex, Money, and Food Podcast

Opening up to life through Mayan teachings with Jacob Moya


Welcome to this of The Sex, Money and Food podcast!  If you could learn teachings from ancient civilizations like the Mayans, what difference would that make in your life? You have the opportunity to find out on today’s show!


On this episode of the Sex, Money, and Food Podcast, Jacob Moya joins us to talk about his personal awakening process, what messages the Mayans’ teachings have for our culture today, and the three things you can do right now to start living a more balanced, more awakened life.


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Jacobo Moya – or Jacob as he likes to be called – was born in Mexico City to a family with spiritual awakened members. Although he’d been exposed to these experiences as a child, it wasn’t until his daughter was born in 1996 that he began his own journey. Through various life experiences, some of which he shares on today’s show, he was led deeper and deeper into his practice and his life’s mission.


Throughout the years, he has been receiving knowledge and techniques from early civilizations like the Mayans. Today he specializes in passing on those messages and teaching today’s culture how to apply them.


While that is his life’s mission, Jacob says everybody can do what he’s doing, it’s a natural gift we all possess. Throughout the centuries we have lost touch with that part of ourselves but bits and pieces of it have been seeping into the collective on a greater and greater scale. Soon natural awakenings, early civilizations’ teachings and fully activated chakras will be a natural part of who we are.


Jacob goes on to explain that in our most recent era as humans it has been about the bottom chakras or about the individual (the individual accumulating and focusing on their own self, their security and basic needs).


But where this focus falls short is on the personal level. We can have all the money we want, all the recognition and achievement we could dream of but without intimate relationships and true companionship we feel lonely. However, if we have someone to share that with, then it completely changes how we experience it.


That concept is well illustrated by Jacob’s three different bowls teaching. We all have one bowl for spirit, one for mind and one for body. They all have to be in balance. If one is out of balance in your life it will show. Women can sense this in a man.

Consider the last time you met a man and knew he was secure or insecure. How did you know? If you can’t remember then go out and observe the men you see and come in contact with. What do you notice about their differences in how they walk, talk and carry themselves?


Jacob explains that men are extremely fragile! Inside of a man is a thin glass that is easy to break, and they have such big bodies to protect that glass. The bigger the man the thinner that glass!


Women on the other hand, women are very strong on the inside. Throughout ancient (very ancient) history, women have always been the protectors of the family, the warriors, the ones who are capable of bringing life into the world. Women are very powerful individuals.


One of the reasons is our menstrual cycle: it reminds us of our emotions and feel them. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel rage, to feel what we feel and express all of it.


Men don’t have that privilege, they only feel vulnerable when lose a loved one, on birthdays or when someone dies. These are specific incidents that are few and far between in most men’s lives so their emotions stayed bottled up. He also says men leave life first because they have so much emotion compressed inside of them.


Also on today’s podcast, we talk about what happens when you have sex with someone you don’t have an emotional connection with and someone you do, as well as the three ways you can start living a more balanced and awakened life today. Tune in for that and so much more on this special edition of Sex, Money and Food with Jacob Moya!


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Jacob Answers The Questions


Rank the following in order: sex, money, or food?

It depends on the time of the day. In the morning food is probably more important! It really depends on the time of the day for me.


There is nothing better in life than…
being able to connect with another human being on an energetic level, when you really feel what they mean inside of them.


What does the 3rd dimension smell like to you?

The third dimension is the dimension in which we are living. This just came to me – it’s like natural ginger tea. Let me tell you why: the smell is not that great, but it’s so good for you! It has a lot of healing power, and I do not mean the bagged tea but the chopped root in boiling water.


What is a mistake or a circumstance you went through regarding sex, money and food that is has allowed you grow and learn from. Or is there something that you would say…I will never do that again!

I started with my spiritual development as a little kid. I took it to another level when my daughter was born. Then I was fortunate enough to find my soulmate in this life, and I was functioning in my regular life with work and all of that. But without knowing it I started sabotaging that relationship, so I started pulling the emotions from the relationship.


So she started reacting to that, this was the relationship she was betting her life on so of course she became defensive. And the more defensive she became the more I pulled. At the end we were fighting once a week, and I am not a fighter so I said no no this isn’t working and I ended the relationship.


My magnetism pulled me towards spirituality and I started meditating, going into a deep meditation. I started asking questions like how did something that started off so fantastic finish bad? The message I got: do you really want to know? I said yes. At one point I was able to get out of my body and get into her body and experience how my words, and my actions hurt her.


Even though I lost my father at the age of 10, this experience (losing soulmate) was 100x more painful than that other experience in my life. But it took me to another level of knowledge and understanding, and to start a mission of working with people having issues in their relationships.

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