106: The Heroine’s Journey with Alexandra Harbushka


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Slaying dragons, important goals, and femininity


Welcome to this of The Sex, Money and Food podcast! Are you familiar with the hero’s journey? Do you know why going on this journey as a feminine woman will leave you exhausted and disappointed at its end?


Today we’re going to find out as we talk about how to go on your own heroine’s journey and what makes the two different. Check it out on episode 106 of Sex, Money and Food!


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Let’s start by talking about being a hero: when I say hero what do you think of? Do you think of the white knight slaying dragons, capturing things on a treacherous solo journey?


Something like that is what most of us think of, but that’s a masculine approach. We as

feminine women are not meant to follow that path. We’re not meant to stay up for two weeks straight with no food, no sleep while we save the world by ourselves!


In real life that looks like attaching our happiness to an outside outcome like getting a certain job or career status, finding the perfect guy, getting married, buying a house and having a family. We tell ourselves we will be happy when we have one, some or all of the above. And we set ourselves up for disappointment with that approach.

Because we’ve made our happiness contingent on something “out there” even when we do achieve that external thing we are not happy and fulfilled. Why is that? Because we have missed the journey along the way, which is where our true joy lies.


When we go on the heroine’s journey instead we experience the entire process: the excitement, the happiness, the laughter, and the tears along the way. We are wired to create an emotional relationship with the people around us, those people who are a part of our journey.


When we stop trying to be a hero and are allowed to be a heroine we become powerful and dynamic. We can move mountains being the heroines we truly are! That is our ancestry and our lineage: we are gatherers who gather together on the journey.


However society has told us that the hero’s journey is the way to success. The truth is even if we follow that hero’s path and we reach our goals, we are too tired to enjoy them at the end of our journey. We are left feeling empty and disappointed because we’ve missed the process and the experience.


I bring this topic up on today’s show because I wanted to share it with you as food for thought. So what do you think? Have you ever gone after a goal and reached it, only to feel empty or even resentful when you got there?

On this episode I also explain why there’s nothing wrong with having goals and ambitions, and I share a personal, wonderful surprise at the very end! Watch and listen to this episode of Sex, Money and Food to hear all of that and so much more. Thanks for being on this journey with me!


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