110: 8 Strategies to an Ecstatic Workday with Alexandra Harbushka


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Your attitude, dress code and crushing it with Alexandra Harbushka


Welcome to this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast! Today’s show is about how to be ecstatic at work, even if you don’t like your job. Frankly, we all have parts of our jobs we don’t like – there are even parts of doing this podcast that I don’t like!

But there are ways we can make our work and our time spent working more enjoyable. I’ll give you my 8 recommendations for making the most of your job, no matter what. Listen in for all 8 on episode 110 of the Sex, Money and Food podcast!


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Even though we all have days we don’t like our job or the work we do, there are ways to make it more pleasurable. We can even be ecstatic in our work life by making little changes to our routine and to our mindset.

Whether we enjoy working or not comes down to mindset: do we perceive our work day as boring or stimulating and challenging? Below are my top 8 tips to help you stay stimulated and positively engaged during your day and avoid burnout.

  1. Dress how you want to feel.

Do you have that dress that makes you that “it girl” at the bar? We all do! I’m not saying to wear it to work, but if you are wearing sweats you act like you are wearing sweats. When you’re dressed up you stand up straighter, and more confident. Dress how you want to feel: comfortable? smart? powerful? confident? Define how you want to feel it and create the outfit that reflects that, then wear it.


  1. Pack snacks and a delicious lunch.

Pack something that nourishes your body and makes you feel good, and is good for you. Make your snacks and your lunch something you look forward to having! Eat something that gives you pleasure, it will recharge your internal battery.


  1. Set a timer.

I set a timer for 50 minutes when I start a task, and chances are I get it done in those 50 minutes! If I’m close I might keep going but usually, I finish within that time period. Or at the end of the 50 minutes, I decide I need a break; I give myself a dance party break, or I take a walk around the block or hop on Facebook.


  1. Dress up your desk.

Dress it up – add flowers, add pictures of your favorites like your family, your lover, your pet, etc. Don’t clutter it up but make it yours and make it space you like to be in.


  1. Give praise to a coworker.

Nothing feels better than giving a compliment to someone. Do you love someone’s outfit or what they said in the meeting? Let them know. Giving praise goes far and is good for both of you.


  1. Do a victory lap.

When you accomplish something to give yourself a “high five” or take a victory lap around the office. Or give yourself a gold star like you did when you got an “A” in grade school! Whatever it is be  sure it is something that makes you feel good. Keep track of your accomplishments.


  1. When all else fails, play hooky.

Maybe you need to cut back and you are in the burned out phase, so you need to leave early and take care of yourself. It’s not an excuse to ditch early for happy hour with your girlfriends! This is about doing some other form of self-care to replenish yourself when you’re nearing the burn out stage.

Wondering what #8 is? You’ll have to listen or watch the episode to find out. Be sure you do, it’s a good one. Then let me know how the 8 tips from episode 110 of the Sex, Money and Food podcast have worked for you!


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