111: Releasing Your Self Judgment with Alexandra Harbushka


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Let those tears come, open up and let go!


Welcome to this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast! Today’s show is about how to let go and release yourself from all the judgment you create. It keeps you held back and prevents you from moving forward. Feeling your feeling can be wild and scary but it is your gift and only you can feel them. Find the area in your life where you need to open up, let go and find healing. As soon as that part of your life is healed, another more beautiful part can begin.


I know a ton about releasing self-judgment. I personally have been on my own emotional roller coaster the last couple of weeks. I have decided to launch a new podcast that is near and dear to my heart. My new podcast is called, Life With Herpes. Yep…herpes. Yes, I have herpes. Yes, I have genital herpes. And Yes, I have oral herpes too. Anyway, I am excited to bring it to fruition and create a community for people to come, have support and not be judged. I will keep you posted on when the podcast gets approved in iTunes but in the meantime, you can head over to www.lifewithherpes.com for more details.


Remember judging yourself only creates pain, turmoil and prevents you from living the most beautiful and fulfilling life. Let those tears come, open up and let go.


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