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Welcome to this edition of The Sex, Money and Food podcast! Episode 115 is an unusual show in that we have two guests, Jenny and Mike Ciampa. They are personal friends of mine who also live in San Diego.

Today we talk mostly about food, second chances and how they approach health differently today. We also discuss Mike’s recent health scare that led to an amazing transformation. Join us to hear all the details on this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast!



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Mike is a real estate broker, I personally worked with him when I was in the mortgage industry. I met his wife Jenny, a former elementary teacher who has become a nutritional coach.

In the last year Mike had to change his health habits, from his mindset to what he was eating. Although you would never have known it by looking at him, his body was very unhealthy. It wasn’t something that happened over a couple months’ time, it happened over a period of years.


In 2015 he was having a great year in real estate, he made a lot of money and had a successful professional year. But he didn’t realize how little attention he was giving to his health. For him every day was about waking up, and getting going with caffeine and sugar! The rest of the day was about maintaining that energy through more caffeine and more sugar.

His morning coffee was a venti latte with vanilla, with loads of sugar. That would last til lunch, and lunch would be chips and juice from 7-11. By mid-afternoon his energy would drop again and he’d eat a bagel or something similar. It was constant peaks and crashes.

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Mike and Jenny Ciampa

So at the end of 2015 he had a lot of money in his bank account but he was a “walking heart attack” in his words. He had some pretty severe symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.

Jenny noticed he was drinking a lot of milk and orange juice, two things she thought were symptoms of pre-diabetes.

She Googled it and found she right. She told Mike what she had found and asked him to go to the doctor and get it checked out, which didn’t go over well with him!


But his family saw signs over the holidays and they chimed in with their concerns as well.

He did get to the doctor to have himself checked out. Everyone had been right; his blood sugar was terrible. Normally blood sugar levels should be between 90-100, he were nearly over 400! The meter stops at 400 so they may have actually been higher. His

doctor said he was surprised Mike wasn’t in a diabetic coma


Mike points out he’s an example of many people out there: people are busy and grab food they can eat quickly. When you couple that with our lack of nutritional education it leads to a lot of serious health problems for so many people in our culture.


When adults are not getting the proper nutrition they are raising children to do the same. So kids eat this way too and it becomes a vicious cycle.


Jenny saw it firsthand when she was teaching in the schools. She would see her low -income students come in with “Cheeto hands” meaning they were fed Cheetos for breakfast. She says, on one hand, it’s heartbreaking because that isn’t a healthy breakfast. On the other hand, it was better than not getting any food at all, which was also the case for some of her kids.


Mike was able to break the cycle for himself through a desire to change both his diet and his mindset, along with actually changing what he eats and how he cares for his body.


He and Jenny were also fortunate to find a nutritional system that allowed him to get excellent nutrition while still maintaining his lifestyle. And by doing so in less than a year later his diabetes was gone, something his doctor was amazed by.


Jenny explains the body has an amazing way of healing itself when it’s given the proper nutrition. Nutrition supports the healing process of the body, your body knows what to do and how to heal itself. It’s a whole functioning system that just needs our help in feeding it healthy food.


The system they use is a nutritionally dense system that is free of GMOs, gluten, and soy. It’s based on two nutrient dense, filling shakes that provide two of your daily meals. In fact, the shakes are so dense they are the nutritional equivalent of three plates of organic vegetables! Those shakes plus a cleanse day combine to provide an exceptional nutritional foundation for the body’s healing and healthy functioning.

Join us to hear why cleanse days and fasting have been done by cultures around the globe, why the cleanses are important and why sustainable farming practices are also critical. Mike and Jenny share all of that and more on this episode of the Sex, Money and Food podcast!


Mike and Jenny Answers The Questions



Rank the following in order: Sex, Money, Food:


Jenny says she ranks food first because without proper nutrition and without feeling good, sex and money make no difference. Second, she ranks sex because there is an intimacy that is important in relationships and to have functioning relationships that should be present. The third is money because money is awesome, but the other two really make it all work.


Mike puts money first, not for stuff but because he’s a provider. He makes money so his kids have a choice, and his family has opportunity. Next is food, the same reasons Jenny says: if you don’t feel good about yourself then sex isn’t going to be good! You have to have good energy and feel good about your body then you can enjoy sex.

What does health smell like to you?


Jenny said the first thing that comes to mind is summer fruit – there’s nothing better than summer fruit! It’s refreshing, uplifting and it satisfies.

Mike said health smells like peppermint: it feels refreshing, uplifting. It clears your eyes and your lungs.


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