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Turquoise, Pink Bougainvillea, and The White Assali Dress

White Assali Dress, Palm Springs, Colony Palms, Alexandra HarbushkaTurquoise, Pink Bougainvillea, and The White Assali Dress

As you know, I love the desert. Yes, it is hot but as a woman to be able to wear summer clothes and not be cold does not happen often. Living in San Diego, we have the perfect weather but as soon as the sun goes down or if we are in the shade, and a little breeze picks up we need something to cover our shoulders. Now I realize this is a champagne problem, and I hope you understand I am not complaining at all. My point is in San Diego we are always coordinating a pashmina or a jacket to go with our summer dresses or tank tops. So a weekend in the 100 degree heat with a sundress and no pashmina is a gift.

Palm Springs is the Hollywood playground and weekend getaway for Southern Californians. It is just about 2 hours to Los Angeles and about the same to San Diego. People come to sip, splash and play. The glitz and glamor of Los Angeles have made the Palm Springs vibe very swanky. Old Palm Springs has unique shops and boutique hotels nestled in residential neighborhoods. You will see architecture from the classic Southern California Spanish Colonial influence to the iconic retro midcentury modern. I have to say; Palm Springs has some beautiful doors, bright pink bougainvillea and some colorful homes. One of my favorite things to do is get on a beach cruiser and bike the neighborhood and look at the architecture or find an inviting bistro.

Back to my love affair with the 100 degree heat, summer dresses, and turquoise. I loved wearing this little white lacey mini dress that hit my legs in just the right spot to add a little flirt when I walked. I love wearing turquoise in the summer, the semiprecious stone and the ostrich clutch add a pop of color to this all white outfit. I have yet to do a blog post about the very special Karoo Collection pieces, but I do have a podcast with the designer and founder, Brooke Berlin. I know Labor day is fastly approaching with its silly rule but who says you have to obey every rule. I say, you can wear white well into September.


DRESS: Assali | BRACELET: Similar Here | CLUTCH: Karoo Collection

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White Assali Dress, Alexandra Harbushka, Palm Springs, Colony Pams

Palm Springs, Alexandra Harbushka

White Assali Dress, Palm Springs, Alexandra Harbushka

White Assali Dress, Alexandra Harbushka, Palm Springs

White Assali Dress, Alexandra Harbushka, Palm Springs, Colony Pams

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