How to accomplish your New Year's Resolution


This time of year everyone begins talking about what changes will happen in the next year, how great the coming year will be and what their New Year's resolution will be. To be honest most people fail when it comes to a New Year's goal or resolution. Let’s set goals that we can accomplish! Something to look at in the first place is why do we set a resolution? Is it just tradition? Is it for self improvement? Is it a time frame to clear the slate and start fresh?  This concept of New Year's Resolution is so ingrained in our culture with resolutions such as start a diet, drink less alcohol, get more sleep, save 20% of your paycheck yet the majority of people never follow through. Here are 4 steps to set you 2016 resolution and keep it through the year.

  1. Make only one resolution - We get carried away and decide to start the year with a ton of new changes. Try making one resolution that you know is attainable and make it something you want to accomplish.
  2. Spend some time picking your resolution - The more thought you put into the resolution and time you spend creating a plan you will be more likely to accomplish the goal. If it is a last minute thing and you have not spent some time planning it out then it will be more difficult to accomplish.
  3. Be specific with your resolution -  The more detail you put into accomplishing your resolutions the more apt you are to following through. An example is if you are wanting go to bed earlier then look at how long it takes you to unwind from your day. Look at what you do once you are home and how long it takes. If you make dinner at home is there something you could do to help streamline dinner? Then look at how long it takes you to get ready for bed and set an alarm. If it takes you an hour then set the alarm to start an hour and fifteen minutes before and follow through with your bedtime.
  4. Make your resolution public - Talk about your resolution to your friends, family and social media. When you talk about something you want to accomplish it helps keep you accountable. Also, something happens internally when you begin to talk about things you want to accomplish.


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