Is it a girls night type of Valentine's Day?


Don’t stress out about Valentine’s day.  The fact of the matter is we put a ton of emphasis on the expectations for Valentine's Day. Did you know that 53% of women will end their relationship if they don't receive a gift? EEK! Here are some ideas for your Valentine's day with your besties.  

  1. Sleepover - Get together with your besties and have an old fashioned sleepover. Get your onesie out and get comfy.  Use this this time as an opportunity to get caught up with your friends. We are so busy and typically go 100MPH so sit back and enjoy this sleepover weekend.
  2. Play MASH - Yep do you remember that game? Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House!!! Why not play this with your girl friends this weekend? You can even add other categories to your story like; city you will live in, career and what car you will drive.
  3. Pop some popcorn and open the wine bottle and watch your favorite chick flick. If your favorite videos are still in your parents garage don’t worry you can stream videos through amazon. You can watch movies like; Pretty Woman, Titanic or the Notebook.
  4. Make Valentines for your besties - Tell your girl friends how important they are to you and how lucky you are to have them in your life.
  5. Bake Cupcakes - It will be a fun way for you and your friends to bring out your inner baker. Use heart shaped cupcake cups. You can frost them and get creative with fun toppings.


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